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It’s on the pump curve graph that comes with the pump. Depends on type of pump and power.

Every foot of height (head)you are pumping against

=0.533psi or 2.99kPa.

Delivery vol will drop to zero on curve at max head for pump which is particular to your pump.

Need model number and search for performance curve.

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You need to know the pump max pressure. Flow rate decreases due to the resistance of gravity and friction. To maintain flow rate, as resistance increases, the system pressure needs to increase...

But what are you wanting to know?  Knowing the max head height of a pump is kinda moot and only academic, cause at max head height the flow rate will be zero and the system is kind of useless.  And if you were to reduce head height by a few mm, then the flow might be 1ml/hour - again a useless system. 


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It's a TMC, not TML. Macerator pump, so it has a rubber impellor. Max head is about 5m mark. These will still pump at nearly full flow at that height. The head pressure is more in regards to strain on the blades of the impellor rather than actual pressure/flow. Too much restriction can cause the impellor to break off fins.

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