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Public piers in Auckland CBD

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1. The fuel dock at bayswater is all-tide

2. the fuel dock at Orakei is accessible all tide.

3. The whole outside of the Western pontoon at Orakei marina is for public pickup/dropoff too but it is very shallow. It would be good at high tide. There's a lack of cleats but there are a few rings to tie onto. The gate to that and the fuel dock (inside the end of the same pontoon) is locked at night but should be open in the daytime (the marina is required to provide public access to that pontoon so complain to security if it's locked).

4. The pontoons at the landing boat ramp on the east side of Orakei Marina (might be too shallow at low tide but good at high tide)

5. Viaduct basin pontoon next to the swimming steps but you need to go through the lifting bridge and it's probably closed during the america's cup.

6. Pontoon next to half moon bay boat ramp

7. At high tide use the long pontoon under the walkway behind Westhaven boat ramp next to Z pier. Loads of space and nobody ever uses it! At low tide that's too shallow but you could probably still access the ends of the actual boat ramp pontoons.

8. The other side of Z pier used to be available for free pick up and drop off but now they are charging for 30 minute slots (book online) and I think it's now restricted to commercial vessels only.

9. Panmure wharf or Panmure yacht and boating club (PYBC) pontoon, next to each other up tamaki river

10. Floating pontoon on the south side of Tamaki river just downstream of opposite PYBC, it's primarily for launching kayaks but you can pick up and drop off there.

11. The long concrete jetty at Okahu point just East of Orakei is deep water but the waves might bash you against the piles and it's usually full of people fishing so watch out for the lines. More suited to bigger boats with good fendering.

12. Old jetty at Beachhaven next to new ferry jetty

13. Pontoon between Birkenhead boat ramp and the ferry dock

We used to pick up charter guests all over Auckland so I got to know all the spots. Some of my info might be a few years out of date, not sure the viaduct is still viable but the rest probably hasn't changed. All of these are pick up and drop off for a few minutes only. You might get away with longer on the shallow pontoon at the back of Westhaven, but do be gone before the tide goes out!

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 more just remembered...

14. Old wooden jetty at sulphur beach in big shoal bay, next to the little boat ramp near the end of the harbour bridge. Very shallow at low tide but good at high tide if its calm enough.

15. Should be possible to do a quick drop off at Devonport wharf if it's calm enough, don't stop long or a big wake will bump you on it. Very high deck but there are some steps at the side. Watch out for fishing lines. Handy for the ferry into CBD.

16. Matiatia and Kennedy point on Waiheke Island, Islington bay on rangitoto all have good public jetties for pick up/drop off, frequent ferries to the CBD from matiatia and Islington or to half moon bay from Kennedy point. Sometimes it's better to drop people on an island and then they take the ferry into the CBD.

17. Old derelict concrete wharf on the pakuranga side of tamaki river, about 100m before the bridge. Never seen anyone use it but you could probably stop there for a few hours. Not sure of the depth at low tide but should be ok to lean on it if you dry out. People dry out alongside Panmure wharf too.

18. Never tried it myself but ponsonby wharf is another option.

19. Never tried it but Island bay wharf, beachhaven is another one

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