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Wanted: Cradle for 27ft long keeler

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How long do you want one for?

In that size range, you can get away with making one out of timber, which could be warranted if it is a longer term project. It is then fully dismantlable by removing various bolts, when you've finished. 

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Cheers ynot and fish!! I am nervous to build a wooden one as it would be used for the haul out too...that is unless you know a good design that wouldn’t come apart when moved...not sure of the boats weight but pretty thick carvel planks and big long keel...keen to check your cradle out ynot! I am on the shore but could come by with a trailer and some rum whenever suits!

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There it is found a pic on phone. 

More of a splash cradle. 

The back opens up so keel can pass through. 

Would need mods to suit hull shape. Easy to do it the way I did it. 

I'm guessing you where probably think different type of cradle. 

Anyway you are welcome to go look at it. Pm me for address 


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On 20/02/2021 at 12:45 PM, CamA said:

Nice simple design but don’t think it will work with my long keel due to the cross members. Thanks a bunch for your help and consideration though!

There is a wooden cradle at Weiti Boating Club that belongs to a modest length very old long keel boat (i.e. a proper classic). It is a proven design, as they've been using it for years. It is the same basic design as all of the steel cradles down there. I believe it is dis-assembled when not in use. It is where I got the idea for the suggestion from.

The basic principle is the boat sits on the keel. The uprights just need to be strong enough to stop the boat from tipping over, but don't necessarily carry any load as such.

PS, where are you planning on hauling? Plenty of cradles for rent at Weiti...

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Yes Weiti looks like a good option and seems quite affordable for long term. Was originally going to try and haul at little shoal bay but not sure whether they’ll be hauling out keelers this season.  I am wanting repaint cabin sides and tops and might restep the mast. Weiti have a mast gantry by chance? Thanks a bunch for your help!

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