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Vacuum Pump

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I'm embarking on a boat building project, 28' mark, and need a vacuum pump for bulkheads, hulls etc.

I'm just using it for vac bagging, not infusion.


I've had a bit of a look around for vacuum pumps but need a bit of advice


The gold plated answer would be something like the 20/2 from vacmobiles, but one of these things can infuse an entire 60' hull in one hit, so a little overkill for a home build


At the other end of the spectrum there is the $450 2.5cfm chinese vacuum pumps on tardeme, but I don't know if this is going to be enough to do the job


Any comments or advice would be appreciated



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I can highly reccomend vacmobiles pumps and all the associated fittings they sell or can make up for you. It's really nice to have an elegant, simple solution without everything being held together with tacky tape. They guys there know their stuff and are really helpful. We use a 20/2 and a bigger style pump along with lots of their catchpots and fittings and sensors. A 20/2 is around $6k if I remember correctly.


Although if you're just doing homebuild stuff, especially not infusion it probably is overkill. I have heard of people doing stuff with fridge compressors but not entirely sure what vacuum thaty can pull. A Vacmobiles 20/2 can typically pull 10mbar.


Remember the power of a pump is pressure times flowrate. So for the same power you can get a pump that has high flowrate but doesn't get very low pressure e.g. a vaccum cleaner, or something that has low flowrate but can get to a very low pressure e.g. a super high vacuum pump. So it is a balance of getting to low vacuum but in a reasonable time.


Vacmobiles pump has a free air displacement of 10.6cfm (i.e. that is the flowrate when there is no load, when you first turn on the pump, it will slow down as the pressure in the bag gets lower) and that trademe one is 2.5cfm but you really need to see the pump performance curve to see how they perform at lower pressures.


Whatever you do make sure you use a catchpot as the last thing you want is resin getting in the pump

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a fridge compressor or a battery of them will work funnilly enough if theyre well used, as a vacuum is created all your left with is ozone which is superconductive.......hence burnout, learnt this the hard way when a sparky turned on a new system in vacuum...... under 3secs and poof burned out compressor, however, did use , as have several others, a dome compressor as a vacuum pump for sucking out systems trick was to always use a used comp as a vac pump as they apparently varnish up and insulate....... so get a few and battery em up

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A simple and cheap compressor is all you need. Fit a tube to the suck side where the airfilter is.

A proper vaccum pump can be expensive.


Won't this end up knackering the compressor?, they are designed to blow not suck, and discharging to atmosphere, not a load for hours on end can't be healthy either!


I'm happy to buy the right piece of kit, it's small change in comparison to the rest of the build, and I can either flog it afterwards or use it on the next project.


I just don't want to spend more than I have to

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There are quite a few pumps drifting around the marine scene. I'd think if you asked around, didn't want one for a long time and had a stray bottle of rum or 2, you may just be able to borrow one short term.


Or I hope so as that's the plan I'm targeting next month ;)


Tried Adhesive Technologies. Something in my head says they have a couple you maybe able to rent. But my head could be wrong.

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