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I agree Scottie that it's a lot heavier in comparison to the other 8.5s, and if there was an easy way to remove weight, I would do it. But I realise also that it's more of a cruising multi than most of the others. How many other multis have a permanent marine toilet in them, and as I cruise as much as race I'm not taking it out.

Whose bribing the RO?

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Gets worse, 900 is minimum weight for an 8.5 long boat, rule is length(in metres) *100+50


So for an F24, 7.3m loa, minimum weight is 780kg

So that puts you 362kg or 46% over minimum weight :shock:


For class racing that is, for fleet racing, keep sweet talking the handicapper, this info could be useful :wink:


I'm starting to wonder if the F22, built down to weight (746kg), could be a contender in lighter airs....

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