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Crc and WD 40


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No wonder I couldn't sleep. I had this buzzing in my head. Someone was calling me :wink:

I will keep this all simple so you nerds, don't go getting all nerdy on me and telling me I have left stuff out or whatever.

CRC666 is based on Paraffin oil (which is basically Kerosene) and WD40 is based on Baby oil and Vasoline.

CRC has a Saltwater protection rating of 65hrs.

WD40 has several rather long worded additives, all belonging to the Alkane family. They are used as Solvent, "Antifreeze" so it will remain liquid in temps below freezing, Water repellant(being hydrocarbons)hydrogen atoms hold no charge, so thus will not attract to water molecules and thus acts as a repellant) and one other Alkane that has an affinity to metal.

So in a nutshell, WD40 remains more of an oil film and CRC remains more of a waxy film.

Does one work better than the other?? I have no clue really. I think the question is what are you wanting to do mostly Squid??

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WD40 is an American secret agent. :D


I've used, in the past, that lanolin product. It is brilliant.


Leaves a thick film, but holds back corrosion a lot better than the other products in lieu of proper maintenance.l


As a lube it OK too.

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