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  1. Thanks for the fun Matt! And the rum... Re: Cam's post earlier - as the sole boat on the long course - the sea state was bigger on the other side of Bean Rock and it got exciting in the shallows around Motokorea Buoy, but nothing to get worked up about if you're not normally a rum racer! Solid 30's with the odd gust. The cruising sails got a spanking!
  2. Right, modified plan: - Visit Ken - Thank Jon - Input line runs from spare tank to 3-way valve on existing input between fuel filter and engine - Return line runs from 3-way valve on existing return to spare tank - input and return lines of sufficient ID, and 2m long (in case of a need to use external cans) - spare input line has input filter on it - spare tank a 20+L tote tank - spare tank stored below, ready to switch into I presume one should be mindful that the return will be contaminated for a time before the engine recovers, so might have to switch the return to the spa
  3. Regarding RNI fuel, engine size, location etc, I recommend changing the petrol 9.8 Tohatsu 2HP outboard out for a diesel 45hp Yanmar inboard; also requires adding a few displacement tons... Speaking of which - what are the thoughts on splitting a 'spare' fuel line and tank into the diesel? Current thought is: - Y splitter (or 3-way valve?), between fuel filter and engine - spare line has a shut off valve and input filter on it - spare line long enough to run into a tank 2m away - spare 20L tank either a jerry can or a re-purposed outboard tank - spare 20L stored in lazarette
  4. Very nice - always something desired when I had Revo Blues. Only drawback I could see is that you lose the chance to use the extra traveler length for flattening the main in heavy wind, or vang sheeting type downwind sailing. The 830 being a big planing dinghy in heavy winds!
  5. If anyone is interested, we tucked into Whangaroa Harbour for a few days this summer - one the second day a boat comes by with a diver to inspect the boat, who gave it a score (0, not sure what that meant but it seemed to be good), and off they went. I was on the Duke's nose at the time, but was reported to me that we went into a database so they don't re-inspect. Pretty tidy system. I did not get to experience what happens if the score was unacceptable but proof of a recent antifoul or washing was not asked for. Proof in the pudding. The marinas and other fixtures will ask for proof of cl
  6. I'd be keen on a maxi mast repeater if available...the LED on one of ours cracked.
  7. Kaihe Atamai


    This topic has been of interest to me since I reviewed RYC's handicap policy a few years ago and had to consider the relative merits of the various handicap systems used for club racing in Auckland / NZ. Horses for courses, with relative merit to all, and no one size fits all, etc. We settled on club handicapping with as open a process as we felt was reasonable - with series handicaps adjusted by an algorithm available to all. Hence a saavy skipper could calculate their next handicap in the RYC series; basically, to allow skippers to check (instead of accuse) if there was meddling going on fro
  8. Anyone got an old, functional Raymarine ST60 Maxiview mast repeater display - or similar? Pic below... It's the type that glows vaguely at the mast... surely you've all replaced them by now? Or the rest have failed and you are ready to get rid of the straggler? I'm your man... PM me if yeah
  9. I built a hanger like that one, used it for a white island shorthanded. Or at least tried to use it, completely worthless in a swinging small yacht. Undamped, too large of a swing radius and bungies to keep it under control did not allow for use. In short, one under-coffeed sailing partner.
  10. I'll do believe have to change my forum ID - now racing on Atamai. This marks the first time I've been on the receiving end of a Ross 830 getting uppity - getting nipped by C-Jet on handicap in that race makes me a bit nostalgic! Huge congrats to Andy and crew. Thanks also to CRA Grant and the SSANZ crew for that one - been a while since I had such a character building race. - B
  11. SOLD! Thanks all for the nice words - buyers came from the club, but I'll send some rum $$$ Crew.org's way in any case ... thanks for the listing!
  12. FLC: She's getting all dolled-up, so no chance for racing to barrier! (fortunately I'll be a different boat for that one!) The pics on the TradeMe have been updated, check em out here: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1581893383&ed=true Good interest thus far! If you're lurking, contact me, would be happy to show you the boat.
  13. Nice comments! Waiting to hear from the competition... hopefully I've been a good sport over the years!
  14. At least I think so http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/15401-ross-830-revolution-blues-for-sale/
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