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Buying from Far East Sails

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Yeah, it's made the boat immeasurably nicer to sail than the old baggy thing.... Didn't have any issues with it fit wise etc. -- all good.   I think I'll try tapering the top batten a bit, other tha

That's right, BA22.   Yes, went loose footed. Much better.   Apart from that, main changes from the original I made were: - Less roach -- for easier hoisting, and so it doesn't need reefing so ea

Yeah, the 'supporting local' thing is a factor. But it seems the NZ guys just can't compete on sails where cost is a primary factor -- which is fair enough. I'm surprised they can make them in China as cheaply as they do, with wages there as (relatively) high as they are now. Must just be sheer volume.


If I were buying a sail for racing or serious cruising it'd potentially be a different story -- but for the old TS it's a no-brainer really, anything will be better than the 35 year old main it has now! Buying a fancy NZ made sail for it would be overcapitalising for what we use it for.

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Bought a cruising  main from them six years ago.

Price was one third of local quotes at the time and included air frieght .

For cruising it has been spot on . Now many thousands of miles and still in great condition. The stitching has either been done by a computer controlled machine or by a super human.

Far East make sails for lots of other sailmakers (even if you dont know it )

They have made trillions of them...


If you want finaly tuned racing sails then you may be crazy or have lots of dollars and are better off setting up a relationship with a sail loft that will work with you tweaking and adapting to your situation.



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Ok she who holds the finances has approved me to by a new main and no2,

Am I best to go directly to far east/hyde or go through a sailmaker here who can measure and send of sizes?

What are guarantees like? just want cruising sails or cruiser/racer

was thinking of going through B&G  out in Botany

current sails 35+ old, cav26  sail mainly using furler no2.have a storm jib still in bag(new)

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