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Buying from Far East Sails

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You guys should get some local quotes, they are scratching for work with the Covid situation affecting exports. If you want cheap, there are options like Rick Royden if he is still around. Far East may get it right some of the time, but I've seen a lot of disasters and corner cutting here in Asia, then you annoy the local sailmaker when you ask him to fix it. 

Actually if you go sailing in Hong Kong, you would notice that UK Sails has the biggest market share locally there. At the end of the day you get what you pay for. 

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Yeah, it's made the boat immeasurably nicer to sail than the old baggy thing.... Didn't have any issues with it fit wise etc. -- all good.   I think I'll try tapering the top batten a bit, other tha

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Just to update all, after a few months of me fluffing around triple checking my measurements I ordered. Sail took about 3 weeks to be made and arrived in a week (4 days early). 

I put it on the boat last weekend to make sure all looked fine. Initial thoughts are, it fits and has a lovely shape to it. As for quality, I don’t know as I only have a baggy old one to compare to. Time will tell I guess. 

I found the guy (Michael) to be very helpful through the whole process. Going from fixed to loose foot I had some concerns and questions around changes to fitting it etc and he was more than helpful on suggesting the best way to go, or possible alterations. 

It’s been a long process, I started in February but COVID is to blame as I was ready to order when we went into lockdown. 

I’m hoping to get out tomorrow for a test sail. 

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