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Beginners Guide to Boat Building

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D5 dinghy I built. Free plans on Internet. I believe i was first to make a nester out of it, though others have since done so. http://bateau2.com/free/D5_free_m.PDF   I like it. Its actually a plea

The book "Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction" is pretty comprehensive when it comes to boat building options, plenty of practical advice in there as well.  Did I mention it's free?   https://www

Sorry for the delay. There are no gaskets. The two faces of the mating bulkheads pull in flat to each other and there is no leakage i am aware of. Of course with beach landings , wet feet etc there

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I've managed to largely answer one of my own questions I asked at the start of the thread, 'is it worth building a dinghy in composites?'


The cat designer in Aust, Craig Schionning has plans for a very handy looking cat dinghy, the ripple range, in sizes from 2 m to 4.2 m.

The key thing is the designs are available in ply or foam. For the 2.8 m dinghy, Gaboon ply weighs 45 kg, while the foam model weighs 33 kg.



This looks moderately complex to build, as in it requires frames etc and isn't stitch and glue, but it gives a good insight into what is achievable. In this example you can save 12 kg's or 26% of the dinghy weight. Personally, I wouldn't bother. After adding oars, outboard and other gear, there is probably better weight saving by getting the latest outboard. Also, the dinghy has a 300 kg payload, so 12 kg seems a bit triffling. That said, horse for courses. I've got a 6 ton keelboat. If I had a nice performance cruising Schionning cat my view on weight would probably be entirely different, esp with the tender weight hanging off davits at the back.


The big design question with the foam construction appears to be how to stop the hull / foam getting punctured, i.e. spec and weight of lay-up.

A guy is building a bigger one at the below link on SA. A few photos etc in that thread:


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