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Bimini Babe

Ethylene Glycol

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Hi Wheels,

Yes Apparently a reasonable buzz. Where I am it is mixed with Orange Juice because of "the Intervention" ( keeping Alcohol away from the Aboriginal settlements)

Effects are dose dependent - you need a reasonable amount



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Hi I've got ROT


It goes down a fitting and into a bit of bluk head ...6' inch or so. Into very hard to get at place


From what I've read I was hope to take the steps of killing it by Ethylene Glycol....but would like buy pure is that possible? Auckalnd?


Also see mentioned products like Bora-Care® and Ship-Bor®  here ....




Question does any one know where I can but some thing like Bora-Care here in NZ?


1 I was hoping to kill Rot with this 


2 Then do Ethylene Glycol


3 Everdure thin down the No7 thinners to 50%


4 Everdure thin down 25%


5 Everdure pure then Expoxy and filler


Any help advice would great ....Im nevrious  really worried lossing sleep 

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Evidure already is thinned down. You can thin it another 10%, but that makes it pretty thin. Evidure also has a spore killer in it. So pour it in. Don't worry about the other products. The only issue is that the Evidure will run right through if there is nothing to catch it bellow. Plus it is stupid expensive. But works well. However, if the rot is soggy wet, evidure will not soak in very well. The timber needs to be allowed to dry for it to work properly.

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However, there is no better solution than removing the old rotten timber and replacing with new. So if at all possible, ALWAYS go for the replace method first. But sometimes that is just not possible. And so yes, spray with Ethylene Glycol. Then pour in the epoxy. Of which you can use normal epoxy resin and break it down with thinners. There are some other cheaper brand names available as well. Evidure is expensive and I always thought it was because of the Biocide. But if that is not longer, then it is just expensive for no reason.
I can't remember exactly when I did my training with Epiglass, but it must have been around 89~91'ish and I was told it had the Biocide in it then. So strange being told that if it was removed in 84.

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