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Dean will be around a while yet.

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Back on topic. On the Radio and TV this morning, Dean says he is out of ETNZ.


While I do not dispute the fact that he has had his go, and it is time for him to move on, the way in which this has been handled by ETNZ management is, IMO, abysmal. A year 1 management student would have got this done more professionally.


I feel sorry for Dean, and I'd now like to see him campaign for Olympics or a World Champs, off his own bat.


I also feel that the loss of Dean, possibly to another team, is a big mistake for ETNZ, because of his knowledge of the team and experience. ETNZ may regret this in the future. - And their "offer" to Dean is a joke - how could he possibly accept that in these circumstances? I'd be surprised if Dalton and Barker ever work together again. 


Dalton has dropped another peg in my estimation, and I'm very surprised that Sir Steven Tindal has allowed this to happen.

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GD was on the news this morning and knew he was big time on the back foot, he didn't look at all comfortable. I think he knows he's a target of many and is on shacky ground.


If they need to dump someone they should dump whomever made the call to take the layday. That's the day they lost the AC.



Whoever or whomever??

I'm not buying GD being responsible for the media leak earlier..the whole thing smells like DB leaked to the media a week ago knowing the board would be hamstrung to make comment...DB looking for a sympathy vote and to give GD Inc some hurt..


Time for DB move on...he will be fine..plenty of coin in his tin after 20 years and someone else will buy him.


However I agree 100% the person that handed the layday cost the cup..and I seriously doubt anyone but GD made that call. 

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IT and KM have got it 100% I reckon. Very badly handled.


Morspeed, I don't believe Dean is that devious to leak it. He wears his heart on his sleeve too much to be able to pull that off. Dalts on the other hand...


You could write a book about that Lay-day. "One night out shagging"..


What a mess.

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I was watching a presentation from Hasso Plattner at work today, co-founder of SAP & keen yachtsman. He was talking about software & modelling/predicting business outcomes and got sidetracked onto yacht simulation. He mentioned that in all the boats he has had built they would produce computer simulations & tank models against expected wind/wave conditions, and that the computer models would be accurate to 1-2% of the real world performance. He went on to mention that in the last Americas Cup the accuracy of the modelling went out the window as unlike displacement or planning hulls there was insufficient data available on foiling.


He also mentioned that the performance of Oracle improved 40% over the course of the regatta. I'll accept his figures, he associates with people who should know.


I guess that ETNZ did not improve by 40% & that in the end Oracle had improved to the point they had a faster yacht - always easier to win in a faster boat, it allows for all sorts of issues to be overcome. It is a possibility that the 40% improvement was driven by access to funding, and that if ETNZ had more funds they may have been able to wring a bit more performance out of the boat, maybe not had to gamble on a flyer or two trying to overcome a performance deficiency.


Maybe the government should have put in more money!!!

Maybe ETNZ should not have agreed to a lay day!!!


Water under the bridge now & I guess no one will ever know.

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Frankly - I'm fed up with the crap that comes out of TNZ. 

The herald report that "Team New Zealand chairman Keith Turner admits the prospect of axed skipper Dean Barker joining another America's Cup syndicate is worrying for the Kiwi team, and blames the media for the dispute reaching this point." - to blame the media is deplorable.  They never intended for Barker to be Sail Director and he never intended to be anything less so it was only ever going to reach this point - pathetic.




"Team NZ have denied the original source that led to the media reports Barker was to be axed as skipper came from chief executive Grant Dalton or any of the team's management.

"The ETNZ board has conducted an investigation into the cause or source of the 'leak'.

"We are totally satisfied that Grant Dalton was not involved in anyway and he and his management team have our full confidence and backing. No member of the board or management leaked any information," a statement from the team read."

So the implication here really is that it could only have been DB who leaked it.  In deciding that he wasn't going to be Sail Director they should have known he was gone - not realising that shows a complete lack of understanding of key staff/management.  They're a sinking ship.

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Sorry - maybe it's me - but I'm still struggling to see what the f you're on about - you speak another language - possibly not even on earthly. But I'll do my best.  
Right then, referring directly to the post you wish me to reply to, I hereby reply as follows.
AM wrote:  "There was no leaking. That's just yours and DB's  assumption."
In my post I didn't call it a leak.  Turner, Chairman of the Board, with a far greater knowledge of events than I, called it a leak.  I didn't mention that DB assumed it was a leak - you did.

AM wrote:  "Did the reporter state he obtained the information from a leaked source. No he did not. There was no direct source other than his loop connection."

None of this statement is relevent to me being fed up with the crap coming out of ETNZ - needs no further reply.


AM wrote: "ScotttiE

Go to        http://homepages.ihu...ascupstats.html

Click on  Are grinders needed on a AC boat?

Read the article."


I did as you requested - nowhere in the Sailing World article, "Writing the rule" (ME Slade 4,9,13), does it mention the word "grinder", "electric" or "winch" - none, zero, nadda.

Neither the original link nor the Sailing World article are relevent to me being fed up with the crap coming out of ETNZ - needs no further reply.


The next bit of shite about a conspiracy theory involving the "Grinders Collective" - (All hail to the carbon pedestal!), women's magazines etc. is just to out there to be of this planent - needs no further reply.


The last bits though are just hillarious - in one sentence you tell me that "..."they" know how many sheets of toilet paper I use EVERY TIME I go to the toilet" - then you immediately tell me to "get this thread going with reality" - and then finally when you've completely fucked with my head - and this is the punch line - you tell me to "read between the lines"!  And so I will.


Clearly the lines that you refer to are the ones that exist between each sheet of toilet paper.  Inplanted "in" each line (the whole anti-mass mass debaters will be sighing with relief that you got that one in!) must a GPS transponder sending a signal off to a massive "sh*t paper data collecting repository" that some then "sifts through", summarises for each individual and the forwards that off to "them".

Needless to say, these last bits of your post that you expect me to reply are not relevent to me being fed up with the crap coming out of ETNZ.  Neither is my "reading between the lines" - and thus needs no further reply  - no seriously - please don't.

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Coincidentally enough that presentation I mentioned from the founder of SAP also touched on the number of devices that will be attached to the Internet with sensors reporting back huge amounts of data. The subsequent analysis cross referenced with all sorts of other inputs giving companies insights into consumer behaviour.


So not as far fetched as you think ScottiE, they may well have the sensors in the bog roll, which when referenced against a feed from sailing websites gives insight in to where a special could be directed & extra shipments needed.


The aim of the game is to garner increased customer loyalty when having caught sight of the special in the supermarket you purchase extra toilet paper, for which there is adequate stock, & so do not run out after just reading another diatribe on the web. The gratitude you will feel to the retailer through them being in tune to your needs will keep you going back...


Apparently does not work with Asthma inhalers as it is difficult to ramp up demand. 

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I would check your wireless router at home has security enabled so the toilet roll cannot just connect out without you having to set the password.

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