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Is it time to pull the plug?


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  1. 1. Should TNZ get out of the America's Cup now?

    • Yes
    • No

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I responded yes but only in so far as Government (our)  money should not be pledged unless there is a substantial return benefit. We employ the government to run the country and if they said we are gonna piss your cash up against the wall on a yacht race (that I probably cannot watch because of back room deals between the holder and broadcsters) instead of spending on more schools/better healthcare/bigger guns for the fuzz/getting rid of the NIMBYs around Western Springs  etc etc I would be upset with that.


If ETNZ are backed by a wealthy individual or group of same with the inclination to spend their own dosh then I would be singing "keep at it son",  and if by being located on our shores ETNZ contributes to our economy then yippee! 

Give them a tax break after they have brought substantial and proven economic benefit.


I didn't really like the big cat idea but you cannot be blind to the wow factor and that it gets yachting in the public eye is undeniable. It was a spectacle, like many I enjoyed that, and like most I was gutted when we failed to win.

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Possible scenario:


ETNZ go to arbitration with Oracle over boat size and pre-party, for which they have a signed contract. 


Oracle say (reluctantly) "ooh, our bad - here's $20m, now go away." 


ETNZ don't need NZ govt funds anymore. 


Job done. 

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I'm on the fence with this one.  I would be surprised if they did pull out, assuming they get the racing in Auckland, if not, it could be a different story.  GD doesn't seem like the sort of person to give up to easy on things... 


It would be a shame for them to drop it, the last 20+ years have been a wicked roller coaster, but everything comes to an end at some stage.


While it's frustrating what has gone on in the last few years, it's just what happens in the AC, and always will be, so it's just deciding whether to hang on and go for the ride or jump off... 

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I voted yes, but I'm a bit on the fence.

Speaking to a very well respected ex AC skipper on the weekend and they said that although it would be nice to give Oracle the finger, the "Almost 1 design" aspect of the AC48 and reduced budget could play into ETNZ's hands. They said that Pete Burling is a "Freak" with his helming ability and on a level playing field in high performance foiling cats, he would be the one to beat. I have to agree, that they have a point!

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Makes sense Smithy.  Oracle has f*cked this beyond recognition.


But of all the challengers, surely ETNZ would be the ones to beat?


My only concern is the foils and control systems will be better if you have billions and aerospace resources to draw on.  Realistically, we lost the last cup as Oracle had better foil control.  In the end, that is what counted.

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I didn't vote as It's not a NZ team nor is it NZ's decision.


Totally agree, the AC has lost it's mojo and even Hubble would have problems finding any sign of it at the moment.

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