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Re-importing a boat

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Hi all,


Looking at buying a boat offshore and bringing it back here. The boat in question is in Australia and has been for many years, but I'm pretty sure it was built here and sailed over there at some stage, then has been through the import process over there. It's changed hands a few times in au and the details of the history are hard to locate.


Does anyone know

- is there any way of finding out its gst status in Nz - believing it was sold new here gst should have been paid already, so I guess the question is whether gst was claimed back when it was taken out of NZ?

- it would have been imported to au before gst was introduced over there. Is it likely to be possible to claim gst back from the australians at the time of export from Australia?

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Ok have figured out the boats history and i was misinformed originally, it wasn't new here it's an Australian built one.


It's an Elliott 10.5 in Brisbane. Used to be called running bare, then various other names.


So the remaining question is does anyone know if any gst may be claimable on it if I take it out of oz? Was built long before gst applied in oz so I suspect not.


Rushman, seems like sailing it home is the best option. Whether I'll sail it or find a delivery skipper will depend on work. Had a couple of shipping estimates at 30k ish which seemed high.

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GST started in 2000 here in Aus, if there is GST payable now you should be able to claim it back when the boat is exported.


Hamish looked at the costs of exporting a boat from Aus last year, he might be able to offer some tips or contacts.

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there was a long discussion a while back about claiming back GST when exporting a boat, and the short answer is, except for very special circumstances, that there is no avenue to claim the GST back when exporting a second hand boat from Australia and NZ. GST can only be claimed by the original builder on export builds.

Remember if you are buying in Aus, you are potentially losing 10% on value to FOREX, have the delivery costs and will then be up for 15% GST on arrival in NZ. Might want to have another look at the local market.

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What about getting Carbon back from the Pacific North West... small boats are easier especially with containerization ...               back to Elliott ..easier as able to sail across the ditch ..its the total costs which even with planning you will not know till months later  But certainly alot of big price drops for second hand boats ...

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