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Elliot 1050 Polars and tuning info

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raz88, if you drop an email to markm@racetrack.org.nz, I'll send you copies of the ORC certs for a couple of 10.5s which includes basic polar info.


No 1050s I'm afraid IT, I've not tried it but in theory for 12 Eur, you can search for an existing 1050 on the WWW.ORC.ORG site under sailor services and use or modify that data to generate a test ORC cert and get polar info off that.

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I'm currently trying to put some E1050 polars together but its all new to me. I would be very interested in any other info that comes out of your request.

there is a bit of variation from boat to boat but essentially they fall into either modified or not modified versions.

What is your interest in 1050 polars? 

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Craig, I've just agreed to do some club races on Enigma, and I'd like to know what the targets should be. I've had a limited response from the Elliot office, so something might come from that - but it's not straightforward, as these were designed before it was all on computer..

It is pretty easy to make a set of polars using opencpn, especially if linked to your instruments. I'm going to make a little video of that and post it, with a link here, for anyone who is interested.


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HI Matt

That's exactly the process I am currently using, Takes a while to get the boats best performance in different conditions, I have only collected data from 1 race so far.

Working my way through open cpn and what it can do, Has anyone compared opencpn with expedition?


I suspect Booboo will get you up to speed faster than a set of polars.

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Craig, The polars are just a way to check you are the same (or better) than last time/usual, so no guessing is involved. They won't actually speed you up, unless they alert you to a less than usual speed.


OpenCPN, apart from being free, is not as complex as Expedition. Most professional navigators use expedition, but iirc it expects to get polars from the instrument system (like a B&G Hercules), which, in turn, gets them from the designer - to begin with, then they are updated in the same manner as above.


Yes, it takes some time to get accurate polars for all wind speeds, and even then they are only a guide. Every different day has different air - advanced systems (like expedition) call this "wind weight" and have an allowance factor for it. If a polar is made in perfect conditions with a flat sea, then other days it may not be possible to reach this number, and the wind weight allows for this. Of course sea state also comes into it to quite an extent. Temp, humidity, wind shear, etc etc all come into what is possible on a given day as well. It can get very high tech, and beyond most of us!


IMO openCPN can give more data than most of us know what to do with. If you are a professional navigator, by all means, pay up for Expedition and jump in. It's a steep learning curve.


In my case, I've not been on the boat yet, but I think by talking with the owner/skipper, I've identified a few areas in which the performance can be improved. Like all boats, it will take me a bit of time to get to know her and what see likes in any given conditions, and to brush up on my (very!) rusty racing skills. Should be fun. If it's not, I won't continue....

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Yep, the polars plugin is used in both those videos, - but more the 1st one. Works pretty well now...

Once you have the polars, the tactics plugin IMO makes the best use of them...

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Hello all, we did manage to get her going (Enigma 1), took a bit of learning and she now has a reasonable race record... looking at the discussion above re Polars... did we/you make any progress for the E1050... I have a fair bit of in-depth knowledge on how and what she can perform with her sail and rig suite but the icing on the cake would have to be the ability to refer to an accurate electronic Polar Diagram with her Wardrobe overlaid / say, concentrically displayed on a Manoeuvering Form / Circular Graph. Any insights appreciated...

There is nothing like the evidence based data from which to inform a critical decision, just saying... and her new e-toy-suite should also be able to influence and enrich this data set.

Any insights... BTW nil response from the Eee office in Birkenhead to date...


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