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Whangateau / Omaha harbour

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I flew over it last week, go in slow, shallow sand everywhere..... and sea fleas (jet skis) running rampant. Looked OK to go in, I'd pick 2/3rd high incoming tide, but I don't think I'd push up too far. It shallows and skinnies up fast. In the entrance, turn south for a few 100mts and that's about as far as I'd go without further sussing. A big shallow spot just past that, it looked like a hold hard to the left if you want to go up further.



What I'll try and do is get photos of these entrances on sunny days. Being 1500ft up makes seeing the hard bits real easy.

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If you get some pics km, they can easily be Geo referenced and used as a chart overlay in opencpn....

I decided not today, NE. I'll wait for something with W in it, and yep, go in slow using a fwd scan sonar....

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Problem with Whangateau is the lack of good anchoring space.


You can follow the channel by following the line of moorings, but there's not much room left for anchoring except a small area right up at the tip of the spit on the west side - which isn't very sheltered.


Tides aren;t an issue for most of the boats that moor there. The water's really clear and you can see the entrance channel pretty well from deck level.

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Entrance is fine unless it's a really good easterly & swell.

Don't cut the corner outside the entrance, there are rocks to the NE of the stbd mark.

Motor up thru the moored boats & take the channel to the south toward the wharf & boat ramp.

I'd anchor just past the moored boats in the gap before the second lot of mooring up by the wharf.

Pretty crowded once you get up there.

Reasonably strong tidal movement, maybe 2 knots?

Holding is good though.

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That's handy as I was describing Mangawhai not Omaha sorry, DOH!!


Went for a motorbike to a airfield, found a aircraft and photographer, got these







Not the best, the photographer was more concerned about dropping her ph on Omaha than framing a good picture by the looks.


But the lads tell me they have a cunning way of getting good straight down down shots so I'll try again once I've got that in action.



I see some serious land modification around Omaha and you can beat your arse it's purely due to all the coin in those packed in like sardines holiday mansions. It looked more crowded and busy down there than the specials isle in a supermarket.

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Bottom photo of KM's, bottom right of frame under the strut that holds the wing on is where I mean to anchor.

Much further than that and there's a whole lot more moored boats, & it will shallow up.

I think you'll be ok at 1.8, tricky bit is every tide change you'll swing 180 & fall back the other way in the channel.

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