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Lost Dinghy

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Hi All,

A bit of a stab in the dark here but hoping some Crew.Orgers are about. We are anchored in Haruhi Bay, Waiheke and our dinghy has come adrift.

Our location is 36 - 47.755N 175 - 00.992E

It’s an inflatable with kiwi yachting refurbished pontoons and a Yamaha outboard on the back. It also has our gennaker in it as we trawled it today and soaked it.

Just tried reporting it to Coastguard but they are busy at the moment.


Hope you can help.



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The same thing happened to me a year ago.  It's worth also calling the Police (Lost & Found Office) and reporting it as lost.  If somebody finds it they may well alert the Police if they don't have a contact number for the Coastguard.  The Police will also give you an incident number which you might need if you want to claim insurance, even though it wasn't stolen.


Good luck with getting it back - I suspect somebody found my one and claimed salvage rights as I'm pretty sure I saw the outboard for sale on TradeMe a couple of months ago.  No way to prove it was definitely mine though.

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If you have kids then the 'lost' dingy thing seems to happen all the time.  We now have 2 tethers also.  Our last dingy was called escape artist after it detached itself 4 times in 3 months from the back of our boat and all for different reasons including the eyelet unscrewing out of the hull.  


Hope you find yours. 

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If you have kids then the 'lost' dingy thing seems to happen all the time.


Wow - that’s spooky - i’ve only had to go swimming after our dinghy twice - and both times the kids were on board - and both times one of them was on a stern step? I guess it’s just one of those weird coincidences you get on a boat - a bit like empty rum bottles in the morning - what’s up with that!

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