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  1. No offence intended. It’s just a bit of a joke I have calling them Suzuki police or Kia police as they are often driving down the Hutt highway side by side at 90k with a big line of cars behind them. Making sure everyone is obeying the law.
  2. Ha!😀 yeah - good old predictive text..... most Skodas should be blasted though - along with the Suzuki swift’s, Demeos,and the Kia police 👍 - buts another thread I think
  3. This was the information given to me by the Altex paint rep on scraping or sodablasting back to the gel coat: If the scrapping method of removal is chosen and once all of the old antifouling has been removed it will leave a shiney finish on the grey primer undercoat, this must be removed , and we recommend machine sanding with 80 grit dry paper. This will remove the shine and yield a coarse surface texture for the new paint system to adhere. · Once the sanding is complete, remove all of the sanding dust, a wipe over with a damp cloth that has been dampened with fresh clean wa
  4. Vivaldi

    prada 4, 29 Jan

    Exactly. If you think about what countries and sponsors spend on their athletes, and the cost of hosting the Olympics, it would make the 100m sprints pretty expensive. so working out cost per race is a bit of a pointless observation really
  5. Vivaldi

    prada 4, 29 Jan

    The thing is that it’s not a ‘this or that’ issue. The rich elite that fund these teams do it because of the challenge that the Americas cup brings, but it’s not as though they choose to yacht race instead of investing the money in public services or social needs, if they weren’t racing they would just keep the money to invest in their business to make more money. so I figure that we may as well just enjoy the show.
  6. Vivaldi

    prada 3

    Yes you are allowed to ‘hunt’ in match racing, so bearing down to leeward to seek a penalty is allowed. They just weren’t close enough really.
  7. So Yesterday I put it through an equalisation charge, and then reset the amps to zero. LoBat indication has gone and it seems to all be working okay. thanks Wheels.
  8. Thanks Wheels - I’ll try those things
  9. Hmm - got me photo upside down. It is installed right way up though 😀👍
  10. Does anyone know much about these? Mine is monitoring a 24v house bank, plus a separate 12v bank, but it’s been flashing ‘LowBat’ just to the left of the voltage reading ever since the first cycle after coming off shore power. Back on shore power now ant both banks charging up - but still flashing LowBat.
  11. Hey BP - how was the Christmas afloat in Mahurangi? Many guests?
  12. And of course there is Russell too. Pretty easy to get alongside the wharf
  13. Good that he thought we were all young kids though 😀
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