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  1. Hi - what size human does it fit?
  2. Is Rouge the ex Margaritaville?
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3100155432?bof=XiZV3Dji Currently on Trademe - some very evasive answers about the boat......
  4. Yip - it’s “thirty to two - no matter who” compression rates have changed multiple times over the years, but the emphasis is on pushing originated blood around the system. If the blood isn’t moving, then nothing is getting oxygen.
  5. https://sites.google.com/a/lotus106.com/www/home a bit about the boat.
  6. Just spotted the header at the top of the page about IT handing over the baton. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great work over the years. I’m sure the rest of the Crew.Orgers will agree. cheers
  7. Yeah if you’re just getting rid ofit then the same size or slightly bigger to drill it out - the key is to have something blocking up the hole that the guide bit can drill into to stabilise the hole saw.
  8. If you have a blank for the through hull - or put a wooden plug in and cut it off flush, then you can use a hole saw just slightly smaller than the through hull so you then easily pull out the remainder. Or if the new hole / fitting is going to be slightly larger you can just drill to that size.
  9. Just got this notification from Gulf Harbour: Please find links below for the 2022 Gulf Harbour Marina Scheme Operating Budget along with the schedule of applicable annual charges for the 2022 year. As a result of the Manager negotiating a reduction in Council Ground Rent (backdated to 2017), a once-off refund and reduced onward fee has resulted in the 2022 budget seeing a decrease in berth fees of 16.4% over 2021. The budget does not call for any increase in contributions to MRF over last year’s contributions. Contributions to the MRF have not been increased for s
  10. What are class 1 and class 2 splices? Is it different techniques?
  11. No offence intended. It’s just a bit of a joke I have calling them Suzuki police or Kia police as they are often driving down the Hutt highway side by side at 90k with a big line of cars behind them. Making sure everyone is obeying the law.
  12. Ha! yeah - good old predictive text..... most Skodas should be blasted though - along with the Suzuki swift’s, Demeos,and the Kia police - buts another thread I think
  13. This was the information given to me by the Altex paint rep on scraping or sodablasting back to the gel coat: If the scrapping method of removal is chosen and once all of the old antifouling has been removed it will leave a shiney finish on the grey primer undercoat, this must be removed , and we recommend machine sanding with 80 grit dry paper. This will remove the shine and yield a coarse surface texture for the new paint system to adhere. · Once the sanding is complete, remove all of the sanding dust, a wipe over with a damp cloth that has been dampened with fresh clean wa
  14. Vivaldi

    prada 4, 29 Jan

    Exactly. If you think about what countries and sponsors spend on their athletes, and the cost of hosting the Olympics, it would make the 100m sprints pretty expensive. so working out cost per race is a bit of a pointless observation really
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