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  1. That’s awesome. Huge amount of work, and the rolled paint has come up really well.
  2. Vivaldi

    New Genoa

    +64 9 820 9140
  3. Vivaldi

    New Genoa

    Have a chat to Doyles. They have a wide range of laminates for different purposes and prices. You’ll get quality.
  4. We arrived at Gulf Harbour yesterday and have til next Monday off - not looking too flash for getting away…. saw quiet a few arrive back yesterday
  5. He’s based in GH so nice and handy and very knowledgeable on a heap of different things.
  6. What sort is that? Looks like it does a pretty good job!
  7. Okay - what are people using / recommending for making toast on board? We’ve got one of those Dixon camp type things with the gauze grill inside that you put over the oven top flame. Mostly results in warm bread with burnt edges. Are there better options? For those with inverters are there low wattage ones available?
  8. A good “mess’ to have though
  9. Carpenter 29 is another boat in that range worth looking at. Great boats and roomy for their length
  10. Matt Paulson - (Island Time) on this site. Has done some work for me and I would recommend him.
  11. Around in Huruhi - there was a bit of a shift to SW for a while but then went back to NW. Are you getting much of a role in there?
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