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  1. Water blasting will do most of it. That’s what you get when you take them to a sailmaker for cleaning.
  2. That does sound good ~ our house insurance alone was over 3 grand this year.
  3. @Island TimeIT - what are the body corp fees for the apartment like where you are?
  4. Got this last week from GH Marina: View this email in your browser
  5. I asked about that in January this year - the response from the marina manager was that they didn’t have potable water available yet - it was on the ‘to do list’
  6. I can thoroughly recommend an Elliott 1050 - there’s one on trademe at the moment!
  7. Otherwise Doyles in Rosebank Rd can supply the stiff battens.
  8. I’ve got a full body harness on board. Currently in Huruhi Bay. If you want it your welcome to pick it up.
  9. Cheers - I was mainly using the wind map, but these tables look good.
  10. Hi All, ‘was wondering what most people use in the Predict Wind models - mine is usually on ECMWF, but do others find any particular model the best for the Hauraki Gulf?
  11. The sealant on the windows had become so sun damaged the black pigment was leaching out, and one started to leak. Knifed out the old sealant and put new in.
  12. Good call, and sounds like a good day out.
  13. How did they get on? @lebleaux?
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