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  1. How did you get on with your recent sails? Did you get a chance to play with the mainsail, twist etc?
  2. We’re back at Gulf Harbour. Quite a few others coming back in today from either Rakino of Coromandel with a few hairy rides in the easterly swell. I’ve got more leave in February so fingers crossed for some settled weather.
  3. Looking like very strong easterlies for the first part of next week
  4. Vivaldi

    What is this?

    Yeah you could use it on a conventional set up - just use the middle hole and adjust the jib cars as per normal. You’ll need to be careful with it flapping during tacks though. That chunk of aluminium could hurt stuff. and yes we’ll be up on Boxing Day to head out for a cruise.
  5. Vivaldi

    What is this?

    The jib clew is for attaching to the self tracker track (which doesn’t appear to be on the boat anymore). The curve with different holes allows is where it would chuckle to the sheet on the self tracker and dependant on which hole you chose gives you different trim for the jib - same as moving you jib cars forward or aft on a conventional set up.
  6. What has happened to Rogue 2 - back on the market?
  7. Same - fill tanks, drink it, fill tanks again. Always keep them full between trips.
  8. +1 for GH Rigging - I’ve been up that mast and it’s pretty skinny at the top.
  9. Plus 2 from me - really easy to use and understand your state of charge
  10. That’s awesome. Huge amount of work, and the rolled paint has come up really well.
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