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2nd Hand Electronics - bargain prices!

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OK, time to clear out some stuff from my workshop. Most of this stuff has been taken of boats for replacement, and it's all 2nd hand unless otherwise stated. There is 7 day money back warranty only, so you can make sure that the product works for you. Returns are at your cost! Make me a 1/2 reasonable offer and it's yours. No sale, and  in a week it'll go on trademe $1 reserve.




1 x DSM 300 - digital sounder module - see http://www.raymarine.com/view/index.cfm?id=378


ST 60 displays;

1x Compass, 1 x Wind, 1 x Graphic, 1 x Tridata. Sun covers available


ST60+ Displays;

WInd x2, Graphic x2


Masthead tranducers for either of above  x2


Seatalk HS E550058 network switch


240 VHF unit, box and handpeice


RC4351 Chartplotter


S2G AST Smartpilot AP computer


ST6002 AP Controller


2 Fluxgate compasses


2 x E80 MFD Displays


1 Radar Dome


Various cables, connectors etc, please ask.



1 x 1197C MFD, see here


Simrad/Lowrance/B&G (Navico)


IS15 masthead transducer


IS15 Wind and IS 15 instrument computer/connection unit


P319 thru hull Transducer, Blue plug. NEW, NEVER USED, IN BOX.


Odds and ends;

Comar AIS receive only

Banten AIS antenna Splitter


More stuff to sort through yet, but that's it for now...


Send me a PM, email (matt@neptunes-gear.com) or give me a call if there is anything there you are interested in, Matt 0221539176

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Keen on the ST60+ Graphic display.

Can you give me more info on the ST6002 controller? Is this just the screen or the computer?

Both my graphic and autopilot screens are starting to play up.

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What sort of condition are the masthead transducers in? I would like to have a spare one. Same plug as the ST60? I have mine connected to an ITC-5 now.


I’m down a few ST60 sun covers after the last storm too!

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