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OpenCPN no go

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That's not sufficient info.

Does the program still load?

If not, what were you doing pior?

Which version of opencpn?

What platform? (PC, mac, android)

If PC, what operating system (windows version or linux etc)

If the program has issues, they should be in the log file - you could post it here, on on the opencpn support forum on cruisers forum for assistance.

I'm away for the next week with only intermittent internet, then by phone only, so sorry, but I'll be less help than normal.

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Open cpn does not have an android version. I found out , go to the site with an android phone and try to download , it says not supported yet

Seems to work fine for me on android? In fact its awesome.


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Yes it does. Go to the play store, download the paid version (Dave Register) the free one is a pirated copy, and an old unsupported version.

Opencpn is available in PC, Mac, and android versions. NOT iPad or iPhone though. PC and mac versions from the website.

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