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Float Plane upside down by bridge

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Just driving over the bridge there appears to be a floatplane upside down off Westhaven.

Yes, its all over the news.

Only the pilot on board, who escaped safely. No reports of injuries yet.


Photos show the wheels down (sticking out below the floats). Do they normally land on water with the wheels down? Or would the investigation as to the cause of the crash be fairly quick?

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The photos show lots of flap down, near maximum. That tend to be more landing configuration that take off. But not knowing why we're best not to speculate.


Yes, he was landing when he did the hand-stand.

Does the two floats make it a multi-hull?...

They are well practiced at hand stands aren't they, just don't get so much media attention.


If he did have the wheels down while landing on water, you'd think that would be fairly likely to cause a hand-stand?

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Yep, radio says taking off but definitely in landing setup. He won't be the first nor last to forget to retract the wheels for a water landing.


I think that video answers all the questions.


Tell the CAA we've got it sorted.


Feel sorry for the guy. There is one thing doing that in back-water, Alaska, a fair bit more media /social media around in downtown Auckland... you can't really just swim to shore and quietly calm your nerves at the nearest pub.

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