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Beginners Guide to Boat Building

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While I'm at it - any suggestions for the gunwhale guard from anyone else? I can buy the standard stuff as below but was wondering what else I could use?

I'm trying to avoid anything too thick/large in depth if possible.Burnsco - probably best option.png

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So, 2 years and a few months after starting this little project, she's finished.

I'm gonna name her BLOO. After the colour and also because I made so many bloo's making her that I swear she has more construction errors than any other dinghy ever made. 😀

I made her with the intention of fitting her on the foredeck of my Whiting 29. Which I sold 6 months ago. So I no longer need the dinghy.

Plus, she doesn't fit in my vehicle so I can't get her to the water to do the maiden voyage. Still, she looks good sitting in a corner of my garden shed🤣

No idea why these loaded upside down, but it kinda suits the journey this build has been................



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