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Furling the Code0 on the sprit

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OK, so it's not a true Code0, it's not cut flat enough etc, but we're having trouble to regularly get a good clean furl on this thing. It's 75m2.


Seems half the time we furl it in for a manoeuvre we get a bit of the upper leech that doesn't furl like with the rest and then it catches a bit of breeze, billows out a bit, and hey presto you basically get an hourglass on the furler with a 3/4 furled sail, which in anything over 14 kts is a bitch. It refuses to unfurl again because the bit filled with wind at the top wants to unfurl one way and the clew of course needs it to unfurl the other. Once in that situation the only solution seems to be to haul the whole thing down, which is a damn exciting thing to do and akin to wrestling a dragon. So I'm a little reluctant to run deep with it in stronger breezes until we get this sorted.


Any tips? We've tried running off to sort it, but it's not really any easier. 


Haven't tried blanketing it with the genoa or staysl but will try that next.


Doesn't seem to matter if we keep a little tension on the sheet or not when furling, and tried a few different angles to see if it helps to keep some air in it etc. When single handing, of course it's damn near impossible to walk the clew forward n keep some downward pressure on the leech while furling, Which i reason might help.


Anyone got some foolproof tips n tricks?



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Run real deep and get it behind the main so there is minimal pressure in the sail.


Also make sure halyard is tight to ensure the top swivel turns

We do it the same way with our zero on Tigga. Seems to furl OK.


 having tweaker hard on gives a better furl.

This is a good tip too. We will add it to our zero furling process.


a f u

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You might need a better torsion cable. There is a huge difference between a good torsion rope/cable and a bad one.

Yeah I’d wondered about that. I honestly haven’t looked at what is there in terms of specs, but for the moment trusted that the pogo yard would spec something at least half decent.

Will set up some tweakers for next spring and report back then as it’s likely the easiest mod to make and won’t be bad to have any way.

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