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Used whisker pole in Auckland?

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Can't seem to find anyone who sells even new ones. But if there was a used pole suitable for a Wright 10, I'd be interested. I have one but the end has snapped off just below one of the caps, which leads me to think the metal of the pole is compromised.


It might be possible to to clean up the broken end and shove a new cap in  but it would take tools and a workspace  don't have. And again, not sure about the metal.



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There is probably nothing wrong with the rest of the pole.  Any engineering shop will be able to clean this up and reattach the pole end if they want the business, and you don't mind a shorter pole.  


This happened to me too, the pole end insulation wasn't done right and salt water + metals of different types = galvanic corrosion.  (Although we didn't get to the actual point of breaking - I hope it was the clew end?)


I got a new carbon fiber pole made up, these guys did the whole thing end to end including painting: http://www.c-tech.co.nz/shop/Our+Products/C-T+Carbon+tube.html

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Take the end bits off, measure required ID and call Kilwell in Rotorua, they often have carbon tube sections for cheap as. I got my carbon spin pole off them for less than an alloy section, was a mast section that had a blemish which was cut off when we cut the section to size.

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