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12V Fuel Pump for Diesel.

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We are looking to install a 12v fuel pump between the primary and secondary filters on our Perkins Prima Diesel (50HP) can anyone recommend a reputable product ? 

Incidentally we don't need the boost its more for bleeding etc. 

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Facet fuel pump


used to have one of these on my previous long forgotten VW Golf diesel

Another option is to fit a primary filter housing with a primer pump, eg CAV


RACOR also make them, I have one feeding my current Yanmar

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off my tank we had a bulb like on a outboard tank,it close enough so could pump with hand and bleed .old yanmar.    Most motors have a lever on the pump for bleed purposes.

Thinking if you installed an electric pump for bleeding then pump might need to run fulltime to keep diaphragm open to allow fuel to run? 

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We had one, just a lift pump, but I don't know the brand sorry. I can look if you really want to know. Was just a simple centrifugal pump, not positive displacement like the engine lift pump. We have actually changed to a priming bulb, aka same as for an outboard motor. Works well, about $15 from Burnsco.


We have ours placed just after the fuel tank, before the filters. Have our water separator filter mounted very high above the engine, hence the need for a priming bulb or pump. You might think I'm a bit funny, but I like to see the filter easily, so I know immediately when we start sucking up sh*t. Its mounted just under the companionway stairs, above the engine box. Yes, we've had diesel bug before, know that song, and all the lyrics.....

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Cheers all,

Yes the point about having to have it on all the time is a concern, I will have to look at that, maybe a bypass set up is needed. Its just that the Perkins seems to take forever to purge when using the lift pump and its in an damn awkward position .

The bulb might do the trick if its displacement is substantially greater than the lift pump, certainly it will be a damn sight easier.

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