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17 hours ago, Sabre said:

I assume you didn't get the rudder off TM that you posted earlier?

It now looks to me like your second best option is to build an original style rudder.

The first best option imho is to set fire to the boat, calmly walk away and engage in cheaper and and less complicated recreational activities like fast cars, whoring and meth addiction...

If only I could take my own advice 😳

Hahaha Absolutely.. Fast cars and Whoring sound OK not sure on the Meth addiction lol might make that alcohol. 

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HI Guys,

@Fish Mate thanks so much for your advise. I really do appreciate it.  And to all you guys you are amazing with your advise. 

I am going to take the transom hung rudder off and take it home strip the paint of it and see what i have to work with. I am going to look at it this way., I am still learning my boat I am still learning to become a not so bad sailor. Bearing that in mind I am not out there to brake speed records (well not yet anyway haha) so with the rudder I have and will improve, will be my training rudder. just to take it easy slowly cruise around the gulf. During that time I will be making plans to go back to a inboard rudder. Collecting what I need and getting the dimensions of an original rudder ( and i know where on is just still in the water at the mo  about a 100 meters from where my boat is now haha ) So when that boat comes out of the water I will get all the info I can to make one for my boat. Then the following year when Soulmate comes out again that will be the the mission to install the new rudder.

So in the meantime If i am not a raving alcoholic , Sex addict , or hooked on Meth haha I am going to see what I can do with my transom hung rudder.

Ok back to work. Of to the boat show tomorrow and to Soulmate on Sunday to take all the bits and pieces out so i have a nice and clear cabin to work in. 

Will keep you all posted.


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Hi Guys,

Just thought I would give you all an update on my Rudder. 

Well Soulmates been out of the water for little bit now. this is what the rudder project is starting to evolve to.

Boat project ticking away nicely as well.

Only thing my template is 2.7 M long and my ply is 2.4 M.. You can get 3 M ply aye ? 

This is only a temp fix. I will also be going down the line of original inboard rudder. But I will be using this one till the time comes to go back to O.E

Cheers guys



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