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2021 Squadron Winter Series

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Website here https://www.rnzys.org.nz/rnzys-events/winter-series/

PHRF info here https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/racing/handicaps-phrf-irc-general

Last season results here (who to beat!) http://topyacht.net.au/results/rnzys/2020/winter/index.htm

This is the place for any discussion about the results, your stories, pics and anything else about the racing on or off the water.


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Poor old Waitangi, bouncing on the Orakei sewer for almost an hour, which suggests that the normal skipper was not aboard -and no one tried to scandalise the main to help get her off? 

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18 hours ago, waikiore said:

Anyone else witness the starting lesson handed out by Clockwork on saturday? Brilliant starboard approach flip onto port and cross on the gun clearly ahead. We clapped

Ill let the skipper know that start was noted, so thanks for the kind words.

 Had a few smiles on board as we cleared out... pity no more M40 to play with though

I saw a red flag up between 2 other boats after we crossed the line, nothing to do with us, not sure if it getting progressed

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Thought there may have been issues with the new combined starting sequence-changed three times last week, but all seemed to go off smoothly, except a yellow boat got in the way of a new skipper, very ungentlemanly, forcing her to be on the wrong side of the line which may have rattled their😉 crew as they later had to stop for a rest on McKenzie Bouy 

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