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More lockdown sailing reading

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27 minutes ago, B00B00 said:

Anyone ever read the voyage of the golden lotus? Its a facinating read about a voyage from hong Kong to NZ in a chinnese junk. 

The actual boat golden lotus is actually still on a farm somehwere in south auckland. 


I also have the book 'An island to oneself' in a PD file. Its the story of Tom Neale who lived on the island of Suwarrow by himself for 6 years. If anyone wants a copy then let me know.

Read both, and both well worth the read.

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Yeah it's an interesting story for sure.

We visited suwarrow on our way through the pacific. No way I was missing out on stopping there. Hopefully one day the kids appreciate this photo of them by Tom's memorial.


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The junk at T pier was not the Golden Lotus but a charter boat. I last saw the Golden Lotus moored on a swing mooring off Bucklands Beach - back in the early 70's. Read the book as a kid and have just got an old copy of the book.


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Many of these stories create a bittersweet feeling making me feel both awestruck & inspired and a pathetically inadequate amateur (which I know I am but don’t need reminding).

In terms of feel-good enjoyment I still rate this as one of my fav reads and hard to beat:


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