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Order of hull repair?

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Just been hauled out.  Have a very minor break in the glass over ply hull, below waterline causing a slight weep.  I see water has come in through a fixing, where two sheets of ply join.  I've caught it reasonable early thankfully, as the ply seems quite solid, apart from around the fixing copper nail, about 1-2mm.  I appreciate that it's old marine ply but I'm happy it's not compromised (too much anyway)

After drying it out I plan to 

1.  Evadure the ply

2.  Repair the f.glass with cloth

3.  Two pot undercoat 

4.  Antifoul.

Anyone have thoughts on this process please?

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Everdure is old school, a way to sell thinners for epoxy prices. Use straight epoxy, warm the ply before applying with a heat gun and it will soak as far as it needs too. As for the wet bit, let it dry out if you have time otherwise sharp chisel, grinder etc to expose good dry ply then rebuild by adding in a ply dutchman if its a big hole or just some cloth and bog if not.

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Agree. Surface tension and the  structure of the ply tends to suck water up the wood pores, often quite a long way from the initial problem

For peace of mind, after getting back to dry ply, I would put an internal tingle over the area, then you know you are bulletproof.


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