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TP32 software update

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Can someone help me with a software update for TP32.

I have a second hand, new to me TP32. Just installed on my boat. 

NEMA2000 hooked up with the network and its showing in the devices list on my Zeus3 MFD.

I've found  a software update file (.swup)  on the simrad website, and FTP it to the Zeus, but the TP32 doesn't show in the list of compatible devices when I try to upgrade (Files -> TP10-22-32 1_1_04_00.swup -> upgrade)


Any ideas? @Island Time

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2 hours ago, Psyche said:

It should still work with 2000, Ive had both early and late models and the only difference in the updates is a not very noticeable refinement of its performance.

Mine cant be controlled from the MFD, and behaves different to the manual says it should, for example when tacking, manual says it will beep three times as warning then tack, whereas mine just goes straight away. 

Im not convinced it steers to wind either.

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Ill be down by A pier. You'll see the Neptune's Gear Van, give me a call when you get there and I'll come up.  Only issue will be that I intend to go out in the boat until 13th on Monday, and probably wont be able to do it until I get back. If you want it meantime, probably best to hang onto it for a bit, and I can do it when I really return to work?

Matt 0221539176

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@WinterI'd be interested to see how you got on with this? I had a similar issue with trying to update an old TP22 (also running 0130) through the MFD. Simrad support reckoned it should still be updateable through the ST10 gateway but not the MFD.

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hey @Screwball - Sadly, I got nowhere. 

Navico support were no help, disappointing, as if they didn't even read what I had written and just copy pasted the how to update section from the manual.

I need to try them again on the phone, but they are only open business hours and I'm not at the boat business hours...


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