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  1. Hutton-Arco in Australia is probably your best bet for anything Barient. https://www.arco-winches.com
  2. I'm in the process of slowly sorting out the electrical system of our Carpenter 29. We had a couple of cheap AliExpress shunts with LCD displays for battery monitoring but their accuracy was questionable at best, esp for amp draw. We already had a victron mppt solar controller and a small Phoenix inverter so decided to stay with the victron ecosystem and fit a smart shunt to monitor starter and aux batteries. After doing some research I found you can run Victron's Venus OS (what their Cerbo system monitoring unit runs) on a raspberry pi. So loaded that onto a spare board I had, added a 7 inch
  3. Screwball

    Boat ID

    Awesome, thanks for that
  4. Screwball

    Boat ID

    Just wondering if anyone can ID this boat, noticed her while walking along the boardwalk at Westhaven. Couldn't seem to see a name or make on her. Cheers
  5. I've met a few like this guy, strangely enough they do tend to have a few women orbiting them...perhaps poor seamanship is considered attractive!
  6. Just for another data point, we purchased a second hand D1-20 still in its crate about four years ago. Can't remember the exact model year but it was definitely near the start of the run so quite an early version of the MDI (seems like Volvo's been through more than a few versions in an attempt to get them to stop dying). We mounted the MDI off the engine from the beginning and it hasn't skipped a beat so far (touch wood). Considering most 12v alternators (included the stock one) output at least 14v their assertion that voltage higher than 13.8v are the culprit doesn't make much sense to me.
  7. Don't know what it is but the stinkpots seem to be reaching new lows this summer. A blue superyacht (not sure of the name) at full chat cut inside my mate's Y88 coming in the north entrance to Fitzroy. He turned into the wake but it was like hitting a brick wall, enough water came in the front hatch to top the floorboards. Watched a jetskier cutting between my moored boat and a group of kids in the water at high speed. Measured it up afterwards on google earth and not 20m between us. He did it twice just for good measure. One wrong twitch of the handlebars and it would have been a triple fatal
  8. Thanks @Winter, I'd be keen to take you up on that. Just need to dig out my simnet to micro c cable then I'll drop you a DM. Cheers
  9. @WinterI'd be interested to see how you got on with this? I had a similar issue with trying to update an old TP22 (also running 0130) through the MFD. Simrad support reckoned it should still be updateable through the ST10 gateway but not the MFD.
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