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Local knowledge on Chico/Mull 42?


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Hi All,

We are the proud owners of a Chico 42, which we've owned since 2012.  We've extensively refit her, including repowering, removing teak decks, painting, etc, etc.  We just finished taking her from here (Seattle) to Hawaii.  I've always wanted to know more about the build, and in particular I'm currently looking for information about the rudder and bearings.

I know the rudder stock is aluminum, so that alarming fact won't be new to me.  What I'm more worried about is the play I noticed in the the rudder bearings on the crossing to Hawaii.  As far as I know they've never been replaced.  I attempted to adjust by tightening the upper ring, but there are set set screws that can only be engaged with a full 360 degree increments.  180 would have been fine, but 360 was too tight.  Consequently the stock shifted from side to side as the load on the rudder changed.

Does anyone have experience with the bearings on these boats?  Any information on the design and how to replace them would be greatly appreciated!

An even bigger ask - is there any chance someone knows whether any of Keith Eade's molds are still around?  I'd love to get a new rudder made....

Whether you've got info on the rudder or not I'd love to hear from anyone who knows and loves these boats.  My family certainly does - my 14 year old son made the crossing with me.

Many thanks,


PS - Yes, I know we named her after a bird primarily found in Australia!  (She'd been named Nikita II and True Love previously)



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Even if the rudder moulds were available the design world has moved on a lot. I'd recommend getting a new design done. Better foil shape = less drag, better control, higher pointing. Plus depending on construction - lighter as well.

A Wilson 45 - Ilex which is a 60s version / similar style just had this done and the owner was telling me how great it has been

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The last replacement rudder stock I made for a Chico 40-  we used the original molds which Duthie Lidgard had, might have gone to Brin Wilson boats after that. 

You can hardly compare Ilex with the Chico 40's Jono . Thats like comparing a Woolacott Sheryl to a Pied Piper -yes they are both 22'. The Chico rudder is not a bad shape as it goes, Keith Eade is still living in Milford next to the yard so he may know if the molds still exist.

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Waikiore, it sounds like you've made a replacement rudder for a Chico?  Very cool.  Given that the boat is in Hawaii it might be prohibitive to have one shipped from New Zealand, but it'd be interesting to know whether the mold is still around.  I've considered bringing her down to NZ over the next couple summers, and would sell her there.

Do you know how to contact Keith Eade?  My primary concern is figuring out the bearing design/spec, which he'd probably remember.

Just came across this:


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