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26 foot cruising yacht for sale - well equipped

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A bit more detail:


She is a much modified Contessa 26 using some of the ideas Roger Taylor used on ’Mingming’


A massive overall transformation was initially done in 2017/18 then a further upgrade in 2020/21, including hull/deck joint, and tasteful pilothouse (which you can stand up in length of the cabin if you are 6’ or under).


No expense spared - I got professionals in to do most of the work during both refits.


Sail (cambered panels ) by Paul Thompson (2018)


Electrics (recently overhauled and improved by Paul Thompson) include a fridge and power windlass.  

Top of the line non-skid Solbian solar panels on pilot house and Sunbeam panels port & starboard - 220 watts total. X2 105ah AGM deep cycle batteries (210ah total).

Auxiliary is a 2018 Mercury 5hp , with extra long shaft, hi-thrust prop & specially built on deck petrol storage lockers aft (holds x3 tanks = 33 litres), which drain overboard if any spillage - the lockers are completely sealed off from the interior.  


New windpilot ‘Pacific Light’ self-steering gear.


Simrad auto pilot


100M of 7mm chain & new age ‘Viking’ anchor - which has held firm in 40-50 knot gusts in the current storm hitting the North Island of NZ


C-Head composting toilet 


The only maintenance needed at this time is perhaps a lick of paint here and there in the interior if you are do inclined .


Antifoul should be good for another year minimum - when i hauled out this past December, she had less than a handful of barnacles and just a light coat of slime.


‘Pango’ is usually berthed at Gulf Harbour Marina.  At this time I am anchored in Bon Accord Harbour seeing out this gale.  I may well be back in Auckland this Saturday.


Happy to take any prospective buyer out for a sail this summer, I am not due back at work till after Waitangi day.


I have a Youtube channel with  40+ videos of the refit and sailing of ‘Pango’ here:  Youtube 

Genuine reason for selling, which is after I frolic about in ‘Pango’ this summer, I will be turning my attention to another boat I already own that badly needs a refit  - so I have reluctantly decided this is my last hurrah as owner of ‘Pango’ before I pass her onto a (hopefully) caring new owner.


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2 hours ago, B00B00 said:

I think I saw you out there on Saturday near gulf harbour. Boat looked good and was sailing fast. 

Managed to get a few photos. 




Hey Boobs, bloody awesome!  That is indeed me on Pango (named after the Maori word for the colour black -- as in the hull colour). 
Yeah I am contemplating naffing off in a day or two for a couple weeks mini-cruise now that (touch wood) the weather looks reasonably settled for the next 10 days....it's either that or continue grinding away on the refurbishment of my new (but old) boat....sailing might just win out 

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