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Best way to dry out wet cabinetry?

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Everything is out of the boat and the cabin airing out, but I don't have the power to run a dehumidifier or anything like that. Fibreglass hull and (so far) fresh water only so some positives there I guess?

Current plan is a dozen damp-rids and leave the 12v fan running overnight when I can't have her open, and even then I'll set the hatches to allow a draft.

Theres wet timber all around the base of the cabinetry, the floor boards are in the cockpit for now, sails have gone to a loft to dry out and the carpet probably was due for replacement anyway I guess.

Any advice from some saltier sailors than myself? Maybe some impossibly low power dehumidifier magic?


Asking for a friend of course.....


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Hello there motor b,  Is there any venting in forward end of the boat...are you / they on a mooring or  fixed mooring / pontoon.

I ask as to attain were the predominate breeze to boat is coming from  , if on a mooring the wind is essentially coming from the bow as the boat weather cocks into position....harder to plan in pontoon pens . If on swing mooring maybe start looking at a Dorade vent up front  and another down aft to have a cyclic system to move air that also limits water into the boat ; ie wave whilst underway and rain at rest. They are a Passive Smart device but need special consideration to where and how to fit. Small plastic versions from chandler to handmade timber pvc metal versions     but.. Speak to a shipwright / boatbuilder Its not something to get wrong.

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