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Bronze Murray Winches with Handles for sale

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I have literally just taken these off the boat I am refurbishing and are for sale.  No issues with them that I can see, appear to be in good condition.

They are 130mm in height, about 150mm in width to the outer lip and come with handles.  Handles are just under 360mm long

Using what I have seen over the years for these Murray winches on trade me as a guide, offering them for $275 ea, or $480 if you take the pair.
Not willing to post, so prefer an Auckland buyer to pick up, though if you are not in Auckland perhaps a mate visiting can pick up.  

PM or mob: 0220 485 474. 

Disclosure:  One nut and washer missing off just one of the bolts, and when I took the first winch off I - thinking that is what I had to do take it off (ie - unscrewed the cover off it's inner base), I can't quite get it to sit flush on its base when I put it back together, but that's just the little jaw things need to be aligned correctly and then all is well. If you know what you are doing you will sort that in two minutes flat.
Second one (closest in the first picture below) I left screwed together and just pulled it off the teak platform it was on, intact, so didn't have to try to screw it down again.










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37 minutes ago, aardvarkash10 said:

damn Zoz - thats VERY reasonable.  Surely someone on Waitemata Woodys or in the restoration gig would snap them up?

Yes, I'd say it be a third of what similar sized Murrays have sold on Trademe previously...but I am meeting the market I guess, which at this time seems pretty quiet for anything marine...

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No bites - f__k me.  FINAL OFFER:  $180 for the pair, if no one buys them at that price I will drop them off at the nearest scrap metal outlet.

Perhaps the cost of living crisis is really biting after all....

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Or maybe the Classic Yacht assn....dunno why I didnt think of that before -- I guess I submconsciously assumed they all view crewdotorg too but maybe not!

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I have a pair of Murray winches for sale also...next size down from these ones but the same otherwise. Base dia is about 100 mm. Unfortunately for any potential buyers I wont be letting them go at scrape value like this nice guy did as I paid a hellava lot more than that for them about ten years ago. Best to contact me at 0226415245 if interested. Tx works best and then I can get back.

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