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Yanmar Starter Motor removal

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I'm starting to feel a bit think with this. After 25years, my starter is sounding that it needs a birthday, so I thought I would remove it and get it serviced - new brushes/contacts etc.

However, on inspection, from both front and rear, I can only see access to one bolt.

The motor is a Yanmar 3GMF.

I've got a manual, which actually in not very helpful.

Any advice please?

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You might also find it cheaper to replace it. There is a shop on trademe that sells chinese copies.Last one I bought was $299. I'm sure they aren't as good as the original (over $1000). I've had one for several years with no problems

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Thanks Ballystick

I too have researched and watched that video. The outside/right hand bolt is easily visible and accessible. BUT... if you look at the video, at no stage is

there a look at the left  hand bolt. It appears to be hidden between the starter flange and the inward curve of the engine crankcase. Even with removal of the air cleaner and alternator, I cannot even see it, let alone get a socket on it.

I know I must be missing something here. The guy in the video also has effectively got full access to the side of the engine, whereas I, like most of us I suspect, have access to the front and the rear only.

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