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Islington Bay Hulk

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Need to register with YNZ to race,so whats the issue with cost $120 one off cost till sold not a lot of coin in reality. But then again a vessel on mooring needs to let council/harbour master know who owns vessel,cant be identified go back to mooring owner hold them resposible,no issue from me.

Rudolfshack springs to mind ,buying cheap junk and selling to unsuspecting buyers. Hmm didnt think it would cost that much to fix and walk away.But mooring in someones name and if no fee being  paid remove mooring and vessel and charge last known owner.simple or do some just put in the too hard basket?

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One of the issues with many of the abandoned vessels was tracing the owners, Hayton said. Boats do not need to be registered in New Zealand, unlike some states in Australia.

The cost of setting up a system to register boats would be significant. In Auckland alone, there were more than 100,000 boats.

“People aren’t used to paying to register their boats so it’s not going to go down well.”

Yeah, I think he's on point with that last comment there.


Rest of the article is completely unrelated to the actual issue of abandoned boats - that rusting eyesore has long been sold to another owner, as the article (eventually) gets around to mentioning. Usual trash for the herald these days - more of a gossip tabloid than any actual news, all just a thinly veiled advertising channel for real estate.

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I don't have much of an opinion of the herald either TBH. But regardless of having been sold once or more, that hulk was still a derelict eyesore that needed dealing with. 

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