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Windlass tripping breaker

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Hi all, my Cav32's 150amp breaker consistently trips when I press the anchor winch switch.
It does engage the motor very briefly, but doesn't turn the windlass.
The previous owners had no experience with the winch as they only used club moorings.

So far, I've cleaned the contacts on the windlass switch which helped as before it wouldn't engage the motor at all.
I'm inclined to believe it's the electric motor as if it can briefly engage I don't think the solenoid is at fault?
Aside from looking for shorts, does anyone have troubleshooting advice? Any help is appreciated :)

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Sounds like the motor itself.  Check that it isn't seized and that the captain turns ok when it is decoupled from the motor.

Essentially the winch is a car starter motor.  At stall they can draw around 400A so if it is seized it will pop the breaker real quick.

If it turns by hand it's probably an internal electrical fault.

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Check the bearings on the motor, I had the top/ main bearing fail and progressively seize after 20 years and the covid down time. It needed pressing out and replacing with a new sealed bearing. Of course while it's out you'd refresh brushes and go over it or get it gone over . Grease up the gearbox and check the gears and bearings in there too.

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