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  1. When I repowered a couple of years ago I was quite excited about going electric. I researched it quite extensively but as much as I wanted it to work, I just couldn't make it stack up. The quantity of battery storage and solar panels needed for typical use just doesn't work. Weight, space, expense, range and windage were all major issues. Without getting into the politics of the global warming nonsense, it doesn't stack up environmetally either. https://www.yachtingmonthly.com/news/electric-propulsion-not-most-green-study-finds-95997
  2. I really can't understand why anyone would fit electric propulsion. The extra expense, range issues and they are worse for the environment than an ice engine.
  3. Looks like solar arches?
  4. If the windlass hasn't been used in years I would start by stripping it and servicing it. Make sure everything is moving freely and nothing is seized.
  5. There are literally thousands of boats using the standard starlink dish now. The only real downside is power consumption.
  6. I suppose that is the only logical conclusion. But did it cost twice as much?
  7. As above but you will still need a condition report. Bare in mind your boat doesn't have to be perfect to get insurance. Aaron from Marine Inspection Services is really good if you get a report. Based in Thames but covers at least Tauranga to Auckland. $10 per foot if I recall correctly. Let me know if you want his number.
  8. The big head scratcher is what would a half hull of a catamaran look like and would it cost twice as much???
  9. Yeah I hear ya. There must be a lot of hours go into those. I wonder what upper price point they would still sell. People get very attached to their boats and fiscal responsibility would have limited influence over a purchase like that. Would make a fantastic present from a significant other... Anyway geat job 👍
  10. Wow!! There is a business opportunity there..
  11. Hi Addem, if this is still available I would be keen please. Tauranga based
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