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Wanted Dinghy - wood or glass

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The Actionaire 1/2 ton resurrection project continues. We are looking for a 2.7 - 3.2 hard dinghy to keep in the Northcote Sulphur Beach lockers and take out to a far mooring. We're currently using a 2.0 m rollup and it is less than ideal. Anything cheap will do. We can tidy it up. Conversely if anyone has a big Townson dinghy going spare I'm also interested.


Jono Gravit

0274 754 169

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Shes been having a nice time on a berth this summer after too long sitting on the mooring.  But back out to Bayswater soon.

We've done most of the Richmond Wednesdays but a combination of dirty bottom, old sails, and me doing a few races solo haven't helped. Normally start beside Titus Canby - because we both want the same spot, and then watch them slip away.

Actionaire 2024.jpg

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Sorted on the Dinghy. Thanks.

Shes a bit of an oldie but goodie. A bit of glass patching and tidy up and it will be just what we need. A bit like Actionaire really.

But you have to laugh - the pickup was from the Harbourmaster / Maritime Police unit in Mechanics Bay!

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