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Ideal pole length for non overlapping jib

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Due to what is now amazingly clear with hindsight we have two quite nice carbon fibre spars, although one end of each is a bit jagged...

I was thinking of sleeving them together and turning them into a Cruising pole...

Most of the recommendations I have seen suggest a adjustable whisker pole... That seems like another level of complication for an adjustment which isn't really going to make much difference...

Anyone got a suggestion on the ideal pole length for poling out a non overlapping jib? 

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Looking forward to someone learned chiming in too, perhaps with factor x foot. Our outboard end of Al/wood end pole exploded in Colville channel with #2 which is a lapper. #1 needs a longer pole of course.
Sleeved with glass and rescrewed albeit a bit shorter now. 
Funny how things become amazing clear after the event, especially recovery tactics, under too much canvas.

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I think the pole should be equal to the foot length. But noting this isn't much more than a guess, as opposed to any experience.

If the two half poles are shorter than that, you could make a jockey pole out of the better half. Once used in the IOR days to get better control over the brace when the pole is forward, these have been re-purposed by the VO70's when running zero's, big headsails and what not on blast reaching / beam reaching angles to get the sheet outboard and get better gap between the main and whatever you are running at the front.

My boat is headsail driven, as in big headsails and moderate main, with a J of 4.9 m on a 37fter. My #1 is 135%. I can use the #1 like a poor mans zero, and in cracked off conditions it really benefits from getting the sheeting angle outboard, hence the need for a jockey pole, VO70 style.

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Don't need a jockey pole if you are poling out a headsail. By the time you need it the wind is far enough off the stern to sheet the headsail normally. 

Pole length, longer is better till handling becomes awkward. Somewhere between J and 1.1 x J works.

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