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I've got a few things surplus to requirements...


2 x Lewmar 8-10mm tripple clutches - Old but excellent clutches. Very little rope wear.


2 x Lewmar 8-10 single clutches - Old but excellent clutches. Very little rope wear.


2 x Spinlock XTS 8-14mm single jammers (haven't seen much work)


Offers for all or any of these, send a PM


All sold.


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Also I've got:


An alloy GBE boom.


A semi circular vang/mainsheet track from a GBE


3 x Navman instruments, depth, speed, fish finder units can't remember the model, just the normal square ones everyone used to have. Transducers also. Navman stuff gone.

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A North mainsail.

Luff 10650

Foot 4600

Full batten

Suit very stiff mast, or a wing rig.


Probably got another season or so left in it. $300. Mainsail on it's way to a Stratis 747..... Mean!

Wild thing_186.jpg

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A furling code 1 type sail, so can go upwind in the really light stuff, and also tight reaching a little further up the range.


Sets in about 1knt of breeze and is a mean sail for drifting around in the middle of the night, Coastal or Tauranga spec. It's 0.5oz Nylon.


Been used about 5 or 6 times. Would suit a light, low righting moment boat, SR26 or similar.


Think the luff is around 12.5m, foot is about 8m? Have to measure it properly sorry. Furler not included.




Sail and furler sold



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I've got 3 of these Ronstan RC73233 genoa cars surplus to requirements. They're used but in reasonable condition. $30 each


Also a few short lengths of matching T track which I want to get rid of.


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Due to dropping a bit of cash on my boat this week I need to dip into some of the treasures hidden away in 'the shed of dreams'


So on offer are the following assorted trinkits......


1961 Vespa 90cc small frame scooter,new paint, white, full rebuild 250km ago, pretty nice condition.


1952 'His Masters Voice' Retro Fridge - restored painted blood red with moulded sky blue interior with chrome. working, minus a seal.


1954 'His Masters Voice' Retro Fridge - Snifter green with moulded sky blue interior with chrome. working, with a seal.


One Meter RC Yacht, 90% finished with carbon fins, CNC machined lead bulb, German IOM assc. mast, rigging and booms, RC gear and winch. Needs a set of sails and rig assembly. The bits with the boat are worth about $700.


Nitro methanol RC Car, 1:8 scale off road buggy. carbon bumpers and wing, pretty good condition with RC gear and all the extra bits you need for a meth setup.


One pair of Bower and Wilkins speaker stands, matt black with gold feet. Pretty heavy. about a meter high.


X-Lite motorcycle helmet, worn maybe 20 times. Matt black, composite shell.


Vanucci motorcycle vest, mesh with protection armour on front, back, shoulders and elbows. Size M.


Old school hard mount VHF, works well. mid 90's probably.


Textile motorcycle 'leathers' jacket and leggings. Waterproof, black, used half a dozen times. winter gear.



If you're keen on any of that let me know!

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She been antifouled etc? Will there be a launching party? :wave:


I need to get her out of the shed to shoot the new waterline, so antifoul after that. Probably won't have enough money for a launch party ha ha! It will be tap water from a milk bottle over the bow at this rate!

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I'm selling some winches to try and offset a portion of the $1000 I paid for the piedy and the subsequent $150 I've spent ripping her apart and taking most of her to the tip.


2 x Lewmar 7's - Pretty good condition. Easily the best thing on the boat when I bought her. Comes with a stainless bracket and portion of rotten deck still attached. $100ea


1 x Maxwell 16. - Reasonable condition $50.



There's also 1 x small bronze old school winch. But I've since taken a liking to it, so might keep it for novelty value. Unless someone really needs it to match another winch on a classic, then we can do a deal.




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There's 4 pawls in a maxwell 16 I think, Hutton winches in Aus will pay $20au each for them. Now, if you could just find another 33,000 of them you'd be a millionaire and have your boat done in no time. You're selling some very cool stuff but like you I need to sell not buy. I would have bought the lewmar winches but I just bought some pawls from Aus for $40 each and fixed some old Maxwells. :crazy:

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I’ve always got my eye out for cool stuff. Although that Vespa whilst looking very nice really was a heap of rubbish. It was 90cc but man it was just too slow. So slow, that riding it in any kind of traffic was a cold sweat ordeal. So I upgraded to a bicycle mainly for safety reasons. Still have one fridge, although they draw about 8kw. So I use it as a cupboard so as to not double my power bill.


I know the winch parts are really hard to get. The pawls are good in these winches, so I guess this will be a bargain for someone out there. I just don’t like bolting old gear back on what will a nicely done pretty well new boat. Makes a nice job look half ass.

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