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What is this project?

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Have been watching this project. Have you been sailing yet :?:

How about some details please, What is the sail measurements ? How much lead etc etc.

Are you doing the Coastal :?: :D :D :( :(

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No Coastal this year, maybe next year. Knowlesy (owner) may put some details up. As you know there is a lot of detail work involved in a build, especially in this project, that stuff all takes time but everyone at Tauranga YC are looking forward to its first sail outing.

The main things that I know are that it is real light as its full of carbon, nomex and titanium!

It has good headroom and built to be cruisable. It has a lift keel for dodging sandbacks in Tga Harbour.


IMG_20141005_170334 (1).jpg


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Great skills KM, and good spotting! That is a fold down boarding step/platform. It has a lot of innovative/unusual features (and primarily functional) I would say that a Gyro Gearloose type person would be proud of! Even the anchoring system is included in that list KM !

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A final touch to Time Warp is the carbon toilet made by Riaan (Marine Plus), he is investigating making some more for keen yachties by making up moulds etc., still a labour intensive process though due to the intricate shape of the crapper.



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