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RNI 2014

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I just wanted to point out, wholly crap that's an awesome fleet for the RNI.



A bit of everything, full on race yachts, cruiser racers, big and small. I think its great to see such a wide range of boats and there will some really tight racing.


I think it says that short handed yachting in NZ just keeps going from strength to strength (and has been for a while now), nice work SSANZ. I'm absolutely devastated that I cant do this one, had such an epic time on the Valium with Gary last time round.


I'm really looking forward to following the race.


With only 4 weeks to go its now starting to get towards the serious end of things. I hope all is going well for everyone.

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From the home page, might as well repeat it here


Round North Island 2 handed yacht race update.


10 January 2014




With the race only 4 weeks away, the skippers and crews are all well on their way to have everything prepared and ready. Most of the fleet has already competed their 250nm qualifying trip.




Many boats used the recent RAYC 320nm White Island race as an event to do the required qualifying voyage and had a chance to line up against some of the competitors. In a surprise result one of the smallest boats in the fleet, the Ross 930 Pepe, took out the top spot not only in the shorthanded division but also overall, beating all the fully crewed boats on handicap and some much bigger boats on line. Pepe, is crewed by Josh ‘BooBoo’ Tucker and James ‘Westie’ Horner, the pair are sailmakers with North Sails who are both competing in the RNI for a second time. James is coming back for a second attempt on Pepe after a dismasting in the gruelling 2011 race and Josh after competing in the 2008 race on Waka an 8.5m trailer yacht. Having won both the SSANZ Simrad Series and the White Island race and with plenty of experience and a well setup boat, they really are a team to watch.




For some of the yachts further south, using the White Island race as a qualifier was not an option;


Tony and Vesna Wells on the brand new Shaw 40 canting keel race yacht Blink used the delivery from Wellington to Auckland to qualify. Unfortunately Vesna who suffered a fractured wrist is a recent breezy wellington race, decided to stand down due to the injury and has been replaced by the boats designer Rob shaw who completed the last half of the delivery with Tony. Rob completed the previous race on his own Shaw 30 and has plenty of experience to add to the team.




There are a large number of boats of all sizes from Wellington and other southern ports including, Redline from Nelson which is another highly modified Ross 930 and Wedgetail, the Welborne 42 with a father and daughter combo, are hot line honours contenders. Midnight Express (another 2nd time boat) and Montego Bay III round up a strong southern fleet. It must be noted that these boats end up doing 2 laps of the North Island for this race, First a delivery to Auckland, then back to Wellington after the race so it is a huge commitment for these crews to compete in the RNI.




Many people are back for a second race, some in the same boat but many, after learning how tough it can be, are back with bigger boats.


Expedition Coppelia, Fiction, Overload and Truxton are all back for another go, most of them with the same skipper and crew as last time. Both Overload and Fiction were forced to retire from the last race due to gear damage, but this time with a few more miles under their belt they are back with unfinished business. Expedition Coppelia and Truxton are notable 2 handed campaigners who compete at the highest level in every serious 2 handed race. They went head to head in the last Round New Zealand 2 handed race run by SSANZ in 2012. Truxton won the race with Expedition Coppelia coming in third. Keep an eye out for these two, as they are always near the front of the pack.

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Is anyone else looking at how long there is to the race and looking at their list of things to do and thinking "faaark" ?? I still have to squeeze in a 250 mile qualifier with a new crew..... As well as a million other things..

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The Pepe program is coming along nicely. Still got some sails to finish off but everything is under control for now.

We are doing the gold cup race on the 31st jan as another buildup. Anyone else planning on doing it?

I am really really looking forward to the race. The fleet is epic and there should be some good action on and off the water!


Anyone who wants to follow team Pepe can join our facebook page -https://www.facebook.com/PEPE.RNI

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Well we're in full Panic mode in Nelson


Had approx. 1 hrs sailing time on the water since losing the Rig in October. Got the new rig stepped in the new year. Main no longer fits, some headsails have had to have bits chopped of them to fit, and the todo list is still up there. So not ideal preparation for a big race!! Now we just need a weather window to head North assuming we can get everything sorted by next week!! Fingers crossed that we make it in time for the start.


The Akld boats only have to drive down to the marina! , I wonder about future races having a Wellington start and having two fleets, eg an Akld fleet and a Wellywood fleet running simultaneously. Might increase the number involved, both fleets would do a full circuit, just from different start points.!




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Redline, Im heading down your way tomorrow for the Nelson race and regatta on the Nedax again so let me know if you need anything small brought down. We can do work on the sails up here once the boat gets here if that helps too.

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Think we have everything we need, will leave the main behind & use an old cruisy main for delivery, and have the tweaked main sent up to Akld.


Good luck for the Welly Nelson race, looks like a reasonable stiff southerly in the straight & fairly big swell running. But once ur clear of the S Coast it should be all good, usually not much breeze the other side of Stephens Isl.





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Duty Free ,

Repairing damage done by launch who lost reverse while anchoring at christmas , menu being debated (!!!!) , medicals being signed off , solar panel to be put in but generally slowly getting the Caravan ready ,SSB tested and works --Brendon has set up facebook page ,PLB's sorted and discussion with crew on what to do with the Skipper if he "Karks" it whilst at sea .

Bar open flag ready for stop-overs !!

Have even taken gear off with some more to go !!!!

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Website will be updated soon, but here is the final entrant list


Assassin -Beale 35

Berenice - Mitchinson 39

Blink - Shaw12

Bushido - Elliott 35 SS

Cool Change - Ross 850

Coppelia -Farr 11.6

Django -J/111

Duty Free - Farr 1220

FICTION -Elliott 13.5m

Focus - Elliott 1350 Tourer

Gale force -Elliot 1050

Laissez-faire - Beneteau 58

Laissez-faire 2- Beneteau 47.7

Lawless -XP44

Marshall Law -Ross 40

Midnight Express -Birdsall 39

Montego Bay 3 - Simpson

Notorious -First 44.7

Overload -Elliott 9m

Pepe -Ross 930

Redline - Ross 930

Truxton -Tiller

Wanderingstar - Townson 32

Wedgetail - Welbourn

White Gold -Bavaria 56

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