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  1. Skipper fined $8500 after barge grounding https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/247762-skipper-fined-8500-after-barge-grounding.html Taking the barge from Coromandel to Great Barrier. GPS was zoomed out, so island not shown. Radar not working properly due to equipment blocking it. Hit the island doing 12 knots at 5am.
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  2. It Got

    Legasea / Rescue Fish

    Fine as long as the lease costs do not just replace the quota costs. What protections are there a Govt struggling for coin just doesn't say 'Lease is $10 per kg'? As we have seen Govts have no problem charging above and beyond when they know they are a monopoly. Sure under this Govt not much will change as it's been brought off but what if the Fishos can't buy the Govt. What's the plans there? I think you need to speak to some of the small fisherman to see how they see the cameras. Also ask around to see what the cameras have already generate and if any involve Worksafe. The cameras are w
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  3. Bad Kitty

    Yammy 15

    Hard to go past a yammy 15 2 stroke. The small 4 strokes are just too heavy for what they do. But yes the Tohatsu 18 is a great little outboard also, same weight as a 15 but 20% more power!
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