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  1. Looks like someone has added an extra paragraph to the start of that article: "In the wake of too many boating rescues, skippers leaving New Zealand for overseas ports are now required to obtain a Cat 1 safety certificate, which is sure to provoke mixed reactions among yachties. Have your say." That sentence does not appear on the press release on these sites: https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/public/news/media-releases-2021/20210430a.asp https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO2104/S00236/new-requirements-for-pleasure-craft-departing-overseas.htm So looks like the editor of mysail
  2. East Tamaki Galvanizing made my slightly rusty chain like new. http://www.easttamakigalvanizing.co.nz/
  3. The rudder details are on sheet 6 of the Tracker plans. Nova Mech 6.pdf
  4. What about the heavy weather jib? Has to be exactly 70%? Anything smaller or larger is incompliant. Should they add "at most"? Sounds like Shakespeare's pound of flesh!
  5. 1GM is single cylinder, so will probably create a lot more vibration.
  6. A new study has found that crayfish numbers have plummeted in marine reserves in the last 10 years https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/hauraki-gulfs-marine-reserves-fail-to-protect-plummeting-crayfish-populations-study/DKGMX6HX4NKFYGV7G4AWC4L4T4/
  7. And now a 3 year ban on shellfish at Cockle Bay from MPI https://www.mpi.govt.nz/news/media-releases/cockle-bay-full-year-shellfish-ban-begins/
  8. I doubt you'd be allowed to sleep aboard at any haulout yard. Westhaven mast gantry has gone, so Half Moon Bay is probably your best bet.
  9. Looks like we have a winner - the Ultra anchor! But they need their own special swivel. So for a 10m yacht: Ultra 12kg, plus Ultra Swivel 8mm = 1899 + 369 = AU$ 2268. Excel No. 3 12.5kg = NZ$ 472.27
  10. Auckland Engineering Supplies on Beaumont Street https://www.aesnz.com/
  11. Yes, I guess it depends when the chopper arrived.
  12. Good on them for helping, but sounds like they should have just left it all to the helicopter.
  13. A bit late but still one day to go: Etnz Base, 161 Halsey St Fri-Sun 16th April 9am-6pm https://shop.emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkefqgqyE8AIVBXmLCh19jA-gEAAYASAAEgI5ovD_BwE
  14. Devonport yacht club (winter only). Northcote Point. Little Shoal Bay (better for multis and shallow draft). Milford Yacht Club.
  15. Unlikely for a standard keeler with prop under the hull. But maybe FLC is talking about the prop on an outboard on a Ross 930, which would be easily accessible in the cockpit to a marina meandering miscreant?
  16. So judging by the evidence, the new owner of crew.org is a Stewart 34 owner. And is also wealthy, or running the site as a hobby, since all the ads have gone!
  17. So it looks like a lot of minor tweaks that won't affect us. Biggest change is when starting or finishing is when the hull crosses the line (not the prod or kite any more).
  18. Thanks Cameron that's good info. Will try and track those down. Was also thinking of calling Share Delight, but doubt its for sale yet. Apart from new engine, some of these boats need topsides repainted as well.
  19. Sounds like the developers have stopped work now due to the protesters. There could be 30 or 40 penguin nests in the rock wall but maybe only 2 occupied.
  20. I am also looking for a 1020, but want one in good condition. Any leads?
  21. After being defeated at Westpark, looks like Simon Herbert is pushing ahead at Bayswater to "add more value"... $300m Bayswater Marina housing project launched Plans to develop part of a site beside an existing Auckland marina and ferry terminal have been downsized from 250 to 121 dwellings after strong local opposition. Marina owner Simon Herbert's business has applied to Auckland Council to develop 94 terraced homes and 27 apartments in three buildings at Bayswater Marina in a new scheme thought to be worth about $300 million. Around 350 people could live on the site unde
  22. ex Elly

    Boat rage

    A man facing charges after a boat-rage incident in a Coromandel Harbour remains on strict bail conditions for another month with his next appearance expected to result in a resolution. Arguing for a dismissal of the two charges relating to the vessel, he argued that Dixon had already “done his time” having been on “five weeks and five days” of strict bail conditions since this last appearance in March. Meanwhile former deputy principal of Tairua School Catherine Browning, 52, was granted dismissal. Under the diversion scheme if the offender completes agreed conditions the charge is withdr
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