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  1. For those of us on the Railblaza course, how does the short course work with race 3? We know the finish will be somewhere near Moutihe Island. We have to round Motukorea Buoy to starboard, then Bean Rock to port, then finish at Motuihe. PIC - Railblaza Short Course: approx. 25nm Start, passing Motutapu Island (port), Rakino (starboard), The Haystack (Orarapa) Island (starboard), Motuihe Island (starboard), Brown Island (port), Motukorea Buoy (starboard), Bean Rock (Port) to Finish. Does this mean we can do a 180 at Motukorea Buoy, and go straight to the finish? Or do we s
  2. I spotted the updated handicaps a day or 2 before race 2, on this page: https://www.ssanz.co.nz/pic-triple-series-2022-handicaps/
  3. Tony Smith and his Ross 930 is a legend around Westhaven, and just got awarded 10 grand from ASB Good as Gold. On TV1's Seven Sharp program last night (Wed 10 Aug). https://fb.watch/eQsK7bVWzB/
  4. Interesting article about tides around New Zealand. There is an amphidromic point in Oteranga Bay near Wellington, where there is no tidal movement. Plus, how the tides in French Pass can kill John Dories. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/explained/300651952/explained-the-new-zealand-beach-where-the-moon-doesnt-move-the-sea
  5. Thanks for the explanation Mark. Some suggestions: 1) Boat history. Maybe the adjustment could vary depending on the known history. So for a boat with a lot of history, less adjustment would occur as the handicap is reasonably good to start with. But for a boat with little or no history, bigger adjustments should be allowed. 2) Limits. Maybe place a maximum on the adjustment that can occur. For example, someone has gear failure, or gets stuck in a hole that everyone else avoids, or takes a flyer and gets a breeze that no-one else does. This is unlikely to happen to the same boat in th
  6. Unfortunately the handicapper made some large adjustments after race one. Was a bad idea to make such big changes based on one race where boats are finishing in a dying breeze, in my opinion.
  7. One story is that Truxton crossed the finish line at 2:30am, then turned around and sailed straight to Tauranga! (If the tracker is correct).
  8. Sparky is supposed to do 4 shipping moves, so much longer than 30 minutes. According to this: https://www.poal.co.nz/media-publications/Pages/Sparky-arrives-in-Auckland.aspx
  9. Maybe talk to the classic yacht association https://classicyacht.org.nz/
  10. 3 year old article says: "Swirly World in Perpetuity – the diminutive keeler skippered by Andrew Fagan – is getting set to sail the oceans again in search of a circumnavigation record around the four Great Capes." "He has worked for the past three years as a watchkeeper on the Pitcairn supply ship MV Claymore ... " "I’m looking at a lightweight liferaft, lightweight batteries for coms, and a heavyweight me that needs to lose some weight, and I imagine this will be a good way to do it and, after working on the Pitcairn ship, I want to have a AIS (automatic Identification System)
  11. Race preparations are ramping up with the closing date for entries just 6 weeks away. There are currently 8/9 boats lined up for the start from both sides of the Tasman; including a Swan 44, Young 11, Contessa 32, Challenger 39, Elliot 9, Rogers 36, North Sea 24, Verdier 40 and Dickson 45. https://www.solo-tasman.co.nz/
  12. Major Auckland ferry overhaul: Devonport integrated into AT network, new agreement for Waiheke Island service Auckland Transport says it has teamed up with Fullers360 for a new public-private ferry partnership. AT's Darek Koper said the move to AT procuring new electric ferries would speed up the transition to an all-electric and electric-hybrid ferry fleet. Fullers and AT said the Waiheke Island service - which currently cost $46 return - would still be exempt from contract regulation. Waiheke passengers should be able to access the discounted AT HOP adult monthly pass in
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdeD4M9QBJc also https://www.youtube.com/user/queenlynnee1
  14. There has been discussion about Baltic servicing on crew.org previously. Their wording was ambiguous as to whether self-service was acceptable. Maybe they have updated the wording? Island Time knows more about this.
  15. If you want to buy a Baltic lifejacket, you are currently out of luck. Burnsco has no stock. Not sure if this is temporary due to supply issues, or if they have pulled out of the market?
  16. Hutchwilco make a harness and non-harness version. The one with harness has "Deck" in the name, e.g. "SUPER COMFORT 170N MANUAL DECK". Best deal is from Sailor's Corner for $155. https://www.hutchwilco.co.nz/lifejackets/inflatable-lifejackets/
  17. Ok, thanks. It just seems odd that last year there were 2 divisions with 24 boats in each, and this year they have been combined.
  18. Crazy to have 44 boats in one division, when all other divisions have between 6 and 18 boats. Last year there were 2 divisions based on boat length: 'Baltic 4 10.4 or Less' and 'Baltic 4 10.41 or More'. Is it possible to split this division now?
  19. Could be a drifter. What's the bet they will send us on the short course, so the race officer can get home to watch the rugby!
  20. My 406G expired last year. I contacted GME and could have replaced the batteries for $240. New ones would have lasted 6 years. Did the maths and bought a new MT600G with 10 year batteries. Cost was around $40 per year for old unit with 6 years life, versus $40 per year for new unit with 10 year span.
  21. I took mine to the local police station, who then send it to Beacons NZ to be disposed of properly.
  22. The other reason boats may be entering this division is because no PHRF is required. So to prevent this division becoming overloaded, SSANZ could either: a) require PHRFs for all divisions b) allow boats in longer divisions to use previous/expired PHRFs.
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