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  1. Wheels, there is no refugee queue. That is precisely the nasty meme that the RW is spreading. Please stop spreading it. If a person seeking refugee status arrives on our shores they are entitled to have their claims heard no matter how they arrived. There is no queue whatsoever that we can say to them 'go back to where you came from and wait your turn in the queue'. BTW, last time I looked at the figures, most illegal migrants to NZ and Australia were from the UK and USA.
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  2. Take this topic to Small Talk.
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  3. Actually the problem is that he DID make a comment, just like you are and the Marin guy that started plus those that support it by downvoting anyone calling it out. There is a place for this toxic posturing, its called small talk. How about all the political commentators, conspiracy theorists, ZB aficionados et al politely retire to their own section and duke it out there. Its always the same players, (and their enablers) the same opinions and the same nasty culture and result no matter the subject. In this case the discussion was about a very experienced NZ yachtie, sailing through waters con
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  4. To add to Tamure's excellent post it's worth recalling that the notion that there is an orderly system which refugees MUST follow when applying is another part of the nasty rightwing meme factory. Wheels promoted the notion in his post and I hope it was just an error in understanding on his behalf and not a part of his belief system. These are important matters and it's essential that we don't make such fundamental errors in discussing them and in treating people humanely and treating them in accordance with our legal obligations. NZ is a tiny island stuck at the far end of the world; if we ar
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