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  1. They are working on a survival package now if it doesn't work it will surprise everyone, the fallout will be massive. That's all I can say due to confidently.
  2. Yes in many ways.......companies just shutting down.
  3. I thought that the Auckland Clubs had a body that sorted out the clashes of regattas.............or does the "rich picks" rule over the "volunteers".😉
  4. https://www.theadventurejunkies.com/best-sailing-blogs/
  5. I can add a bit of reading for those that are interested:VMC Sailing in Shifts.pdfVMC & VMG.pdfUsing the VMC.pdfTransat VMC.pdfPolar Diagrams.pdfVMG.pdf
  6. Just get rid of all drugs then the weak can find a useful pastime like cycling, hiking, gardening and even sailing.
  7. I am racing at Westhaven with the IOM.
  8. RSE do satellite aerials for motorhomes and they mount a 50w solar panel on the back of the disk which then tracks the sun. https://www.rse.co.nz/product/samysolar+.html
  9. Most of my drills are short.....................broken.😉
  10. Sometimes the truth hurts.🤔
  11. There's an unused one at Bayswater.😉 Check with KM.
  12. BP I hope you are not using a fossil fuel vehicle for your roadtrip??😉
  13. I started my keel boat racing on Amber at Buckland's Beach, we did the "1969 Around Radio Hauraki" race, then progressed on to the NZ37 bigger sister Roulette II with the "Tricky Plumber" or "The Silver Fox" and that was the downfall of my innocent youth.😉
  14. If you spin the rotors fast enough they form a semi liquified solid is that the same?🤔
  15. I can't recall an issue like this 12 & 24 months ago where I waiting for my Christmas presents. I thought the automation project was going live mid 2020 plus the 6 weeks of Covid shutdown it should be working by September by my calls. I listened to the CEO of Communications POAL yesterday what a lot of fuzzy wessel works but that's what they get paid for.
  16. Sorry they are already in the gulf sitting on ships.
  17. Clear Liquid Nails works well on plastic containers for my radio transmitter weather . You could use the old proverb...."sticks like sh.t to the blanket"
  18. Under the Incoterms Standards FOB = "Free on Board"😉
  19. MH is that a centercockpit Whiting 45?
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