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  1. Watch Luca Bassani - Wally - Founder & Director of Design from 2.50m "You forgot wearing classy shirts and pullovers"
  2. https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ncv5t-10ced1a?utm_campaign=w_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=w_share
  3. Well done, but that main doesn't look like at Norths?
  4. The front fell off. and it looks like its is inside the environment!
  5. don't you mean its got a "doubtful sound" ring to it.
  6. Go BOLD and get a 3000w invertor and the according sized batteries.
  7. Times like this you need a house.
  8. 1971 Line 7 PVC, white leggings, lime green jacket, I binned them about 10 years when shifting south.
  9. Buy from a supplier out of Auckland and get posted.
  10. NMMS club brought a e-propulsion unit about about 6 months ago does the job fine for laying the course and picking up the odd broken yachts.
  11. Good old fusel fuels. We can't do without them.
  12. Behold the largest tide on Earth (right here in Canada). Watch 'Kingdom of the Tide', now streaming: http://bit.ly/kingdomofthetideCBC
  13. I am tracking Rambler delivery trip from Southampton to Sardegna a that Cape Diem was in cross proximity to Rambler.
  14. CarpeDiem Are you in the Mediterranean just south of Palma?
  15. Brilliant. I hope they learnt to use a sextant as well.
  16. I got a whole bunch of Aussie & Tasman sea charts from the 70's buried somewhere.
  17. You should the disclaimer "At this point in time"
  18. There were no blackberrys growing the car park behind the shops in Panmure leading up to the engineering and Des's shed...but makes a good story.
  19. Walk up the local telephone exchange with a bottle of rum.........worked every time on News Years Day in Hobart in the 70's.
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