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  1. Ok I have been asked to start a new topic about my build of the Pride of Baltimore II. The background of the Pride of Baltimore, in 1977 the City of Baltimore launched the Pride of Baltimore which was based on the Baltimore Clippers of the early 19th century. Unfortunately this boat was lost at sea in 1986. https://pride2.org/pride-of-baltimore-ii/original-pride-of-baltimore/ The city decided to build another ship the Pride of Baltimore II designed by Thomas C Gillmer once again based on the 19th century Baltimore Clipper topsail Schooner, she was launched October 23 1988. This
  2. AJO look what is in my workshop. A 1:24 scale radio controlled version of her, complete with twin drives with feathering propellers. Even the steering wheel works. The rigging is fun there will be 170 metres of running rigging heres the test rig to sort out the sheeting systems.
  3. What about the boat on the left.......it looks very much like my avatar......the Pride of Baltimore II.
  4. I have used a business on the Albany Highway, just down the hill from Schanpper Rock Road.
  5. No H & S here, but the hardware looks great.
  6. Puzzle joints are the way to go.
  7. What's this rugby you talk about?😉
  8. Horopito Vintage Car Museum Horopito Motors Horopito Car Wreckers and of course Smash Palace the scenes for Pork Pie and Hunt for the wilder people.
  9. The stock is not new but it is everywhere.... Guess where I was today?
  10. Love the expand feature for "Quotes".😍 No need to scroll thru hundreds of lines.😉
  11. SloopJohnB


    What could go wrong
  12. Very hard to read the smoke signals down there when there's a swly blowing.😉
  13. hERRESHOFF mARING mUSEUM pART 6 : iN THE bOAT hALL: tHE dINGHIES bLOODY hELL bEEN uSING aUTOCAD aGAIN. https://www.offcenterharbor.com/hmm-2008-tour-pt-6-dinghies/
  14. Bugger I missed out on going to the pub.😐
  15. The Onehunga fleet is looking at allowing A+ rigs as well, we need to get some practice in before the Nationals to try and beat the Kapiti coasters.
  16. Great to hear about the Waiheke fleet, might have to use the gold card one day and come over. Could get a few more to come with me.
  17. Like most bodies, there's not regard for the procedures, regulations and constitutions by the people who run these bodies.
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