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  1. Priscilla II

    Circumnavigating NZ.

    One tuff sailor and one tuff boat. A dash to shelter Tue Sep 22 2020 By three o’clock I had had enough of the incessant wind and decided to look for a more sheltered position. The best option was Blanket Bay down the end of Thompson Sound and at confluence of Doubtful and Bradshaw Sounds. It looked protected from these winds by the 1200 meter Mt Grono and had a series of little coves with established stern lines for mooring to. So I slipped my overworked headline and motored out into the Sound. Of course it hadn’t calmed down at all from yesterday. In fact the wind was even st
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  2. Fogg

    Upside down buoyancy

    Too much time, BP, you have way too much time...
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  3. Ed

    Cold Front Today

    What complicates the matter is that strut is a stressed member. Fabricating a bit of steel is the easy bit, getting it in there is somewhat harder Imagine trying to replace a spreader, and you have to get the rig tension and mast bend back to where is should (must) be, without touching the turnbuckles or addind any significant weight aloft. Its certinaly not beyond the wit of man to complete, but considering the implications if it goes wrong the amount of planning, peer review and analysis that goes into this will be significant
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