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  1. Ahh, sign in. That's where I normally walk away.
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  2. 12 knots is probably the worst possible speed they could choose for generating wake... most big launches are trying to get over the hump and plane at this speed so generate the biggest waves. 18knots at least lets them plane and the wakes actually reduce. Personally I think the inner harbour (North head in) is crap for racing, big tide, heavy traffic, shitty wind from the buildings etc. I'm actually in favour of P.O.A extending wharfs and hopefully that forces the yacht clubs to start and finish racing at Orakei. The improved quality of racing would more than make up for the 30 min motor
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  4. How many times have we all been sailing and some dickhead goes by in their Riv too close and too fast? Change the rules all you like but no one enforces them so whats the point?
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